Friday, June 14, 2024

Woeful reports ripped from the sports headlines

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For an hour May 1, the House of Adams held hope 2024’s fifth month would feature only good sports news. After all, the month featured the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, PGA Championship, Indianapolis 500, Coca-Cola 600 and more baseball/softball games than one viewer can eyeball.

Then things happened, making this month like those preceding it, as shown by these headlines gleaned from an incredible number of woeful reports:

NCAA Sued for ‘Unfair’ Limits on Student-Athlete Contracts.

Local sports networks went dark mid-game amid dispute with Comcast.

NCAA Could Be Busted by U.S. House If Settlement Isn’t Soon Reached.

Bally Sports: Comcast Wants to Charge More For Their Channels.

Disney+ joins live sports fray, will start airing ESPN events.

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Trans athlete at center of high school girls’ basketball game forfeit.

ESPN Could Opt Out Of TV Rights Contract.

Formally paying athletes as employees could impact coaching salaries/staff sizes.

More than 120,000 fans sign up for Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul tickets.

Max may raise streaming prices again, following Netflix and Disney Plus lead.

College Title IX Gender Equity Compliance a Failure, Feds Say.

Tyson-Paul Netflix promoters offer $2 million VIP package.

Urban Meyer believes college football NIL has evolved into cheating: ‘That’s not what the intent is.’

Roku streaming live MLB games for free.

“Who is telling all the owners not to sign me?”—Ex-Dodger Trevor Bauer.

Spulu and ESPN DTC Could Sink U.S. Pay TV Operators, Analyst Said.

Nick Saban: Lawsuits “may break the NCAA and they may break college football.”

Fox/ESPN/Warner Bros./Discovery announced joint streaming service: Venu Sports.

Transgender golfer could compete in U.S. Women’s Open.

Scottie Scheffler arrested for allegedly assaulting police officer en route to PGA’s second round.

$13,000,000 QB Recruit Now Suing FSU/Coach/Boosters Who Never Paid Up.

Comcast Revealed Pricing for Netflix/Peacock/Apple TV+ Bundle.

Kyle Larson’s “Double” hopes in danger with potential surprise Donald Trump appearance at Coca-Cola 600.

Denny Hamlin says Ricky Stenhouse Jr. texted other drivers during race he was going to fight Kyle Busch.

New Video Produced Doubt on Cop’s Claims About Scheffler.

NCAA/leagues signed off on $2.8 billion antitrust settlement, agreed to let five conferences pay players.

Billion-dollar settlement allows schools like Ohio State/Florida State/LSU/Alabama to pay players directly.

High school freshman QB signs multi-year NIL deal with Leaf.

Scheffler’s Arresting Officer Was Suspended for Doing ‘Donuts’ in Police Car.

Paul Finebaum: NCAA “brought to their knees” over agreement to pay players.

Shilo Sanders now facing questions about NIL deals amid bankruptcy case.

Shohei Ohtani Lost Sleep Over Ippei Mizuhara’s $16,000,000 Gambling Scandal.

Tyson “doing great” after reported medical scare on plane.

Scheffler’s Arrest Shrouded in Controversy; Police Officer Failed to Turn on Body Cam.

Closer by, longtime Enterprise State Community College basketball coach Sid Elliott died last week; Sid was a fine coach and finer man and friend.

Former ESCC baseball coach Tim Hulsey delivered a eulogy at Sid’s May 21 memorial service.

Two days later, Hulsey’ son, Will, a former ESCC/Enterprise High School/Middle Tennessee infielder, was named head baseball coach at Dothan High School.

Congrats, but Dothan High?

Say it ain’t so, Will …

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