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“I’m not an advocate of ‘this is the end of college athletics.’ I don’t believe that. I think this is a new era of college athletics. … There is a reset that is going to happen when it comes to a lot of the NIL activity that is happening, that is impacting the coaches ability to recruit, to retain.” Michigan State AD Alan Haller

Memorial set for today for Purdue student who was big fan – Exponent
A cap forthcoming? –

Boilermaker Birthdays: May 30

Leon Burtnett (dec. 6/1/21) (1943) Head Coach, Football
Greg Eifert (1961) Forward, Men’s Basketball
John Sarafin (1963) Linebacker, Football
Warren Moore (1978) Defensive End, Football (Birthday Zoom from last year)
JaMarcus Shephard (1983) Assistant Coach, Football
Cory Trice (2000) Defensive Back, Football
Roxane Makolo (2000) Guard, Women’s Basketball

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