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They need new homes, roads and schools. But Indigenous communities across Canada ‘can’t catch up’ thanks to staggering $349B infrastructure gap

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In Cat Lake First Nation, there’s only ever enough money to build three new houses a year.

For the community of 680 people northwest of Sioux Lookout, Ont., the level of federal infrastructure funding doesn’t come close to addressing the community’s long-standing struggles with housing disrepair, overcrowding and mould, says chief Russell Wesley.

‘They only give us enough to survive’

A dilapidated house in Cat Lake First Nation, a community of 680 people northwest of Sioux Lookout, Ont.

Inflation to push staggering cost even higher


Canada’s Auditor General recently concluded there has been “no meaningful improvement” in housing conditions in First Nations communities since 2015.

In northern Alberta, a tale of two roads

Scores of schools need replacing

Chief Charles Knott.JPG

Chief Charles Knott, of the Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba, says an independent assessment found toxic levels of mould in the community’s high school.

Basic cell service still lacking

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