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The Clock Is Running Out for the Loose Cannon on PokerStars The Big Game

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The Clock Is Running Out for the Loose Cannon on PokerStars The Big Game

The first half of the all-new season of PokerStars The Big Game on Tour is quickly moving towards its culmination. After the latest episode on Saturday, the show is down to its last 29 hands, and this is how much time Nikki Limo, the first loose cannon to appear on the new season, has to make something happen.

As things stand right now, Limo is up just over $9,000. She had a pretty solid start to the session but then gave back some of her profits, and she’ll be entering the final stretch from the virtually break-even position.

Thus, it is a do-or-die time for Nikki. According to the rules of The Big Game, she doesn’t get to keep any of the $50,000 she received as the original stake. It is all about the profits she can make over that original amount, and if she’s not in the black, it doesn’t matter whether she ends up down $1,000 or loses her entire stack.


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An Exciting Finish Ahead

The final session will see 29 hands, and Nikki will need to try and make the most out of them. As her window of opportunity shrinks, she’ll need to work with whatever cards she is dealt, especially if she’s around that break-even mark.

While Limo does have an option to lock it up and secure a few thousand at this point, this is probably not why she applied to be on the show, and her demeanor thus far doesn’t paint that picture. She’ll want to get involved and try to win a couple of decent-sized pots.

The loose cannon had a couple of opportunities last week, especially in one hand against Alan Keating. Keating was getting ready to empty the clip on a flush draw, but Limo’s raise on the turn stopped him in his tracks and allowed him to abort the mission without losing a massive amount.

Perhaps Nikki was somewhat unlucky here, as Alan would often call in this spot to see the river and try to make his flush. In this particular instance, however, he folded almost instantly, saving himself $21,000.

Mr. Keating Is Out

One thing certainly not working in Nikki’s favor is that Alan Keating decided to leave, so he won’t be there for the final session. Thus far, he was the biggest action generator at the table, and it would be nice to have him around for the final stretch.

As things stand, though, the loose cannon will have to make do with the rest of the lineup, which includes Jen Tilly, Arden Cho, Lex Veldhuis, Phil Hellmuth, and Keating’s alternate. Lex is going into the last session stuck over $100,000, so he might be looking for action, but he certainly won’t be giving any easy money away.

Nikki Limo has Nadya Magnus in her corner. Nadya was one of the cannons during the first season of PokerStars The Big Game, and she walked away with a profit of over $60,000, so she’ll certainly have some tips for Limo going into the final session.

As things stand, this could be the most exciting episode of the renewed Big Game show, as we’re almost guaranteed to see Limo get in a big confrontation with one of the players. There is no telling where the chips will end when it’s all said and done, but we’re in for a nail-biting conclusion on Saturday!

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