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School Assembly on 24 April 2024: Thought for the Day, top news headlines and more

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School assembly news headlines, thought for the day: Students, get ready for the 24th April school assembly! Here are the latest national, international, and sports news headlines and Thought for the Day. We’ll also have inspiring speeches and some unique ways to greet everyone.

School Assembly for 24 April 2024 | Image Credit: Canva

New Delhi: School assemblies are a time to come together, not just as a school community, but as a generation with a shared responsibility for our world. It is a moment when we come together to affirm our school’s identity and aspirations, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. More than just a daily ritual, the school assembly is a powerful platform for inspiring and motivating students. It helps build self-confidence, expands knowledge, sparks creativity, and enhances aesthetic appreciation among students. During these assemblies, we celebrate achievements, share important news, and learn about significant events happening around the world.

In this article, we will cover crucial headlines from national, international, and sports news, ensuring everyone is well-informed and prepared for 24th April school assembly.

Unique ways to say good morning in school assembly

  1. Ready to rock this day, everyone? Let’s hear a big good morning!
  2. How many of you are excited to learn something new today? Give yourselves a cheer and a good morning!
  3. Good morning, future scientists, artists, and leaders! Let’s make today amazing!
  4. The sun is shining bright, just like the smiles on all your faces! Good morning!
  5. Did you know that ‘good morning’ in [insert a different language] is…? Well, in our language, it sounds like this: Good morning!
  6. Rise and shine, everyone! It’s going to be a fantastic day!
  7. Superstar students incoming! Let’s give a roar for a great day ahead! Good morning!
  8. Ready to unleash your awesomeness? Good morning, everyone!
  9. A new day is a gift. Let us open it with our hearts wide open.

Thought for the Day for school assembly in English

Challenges are like stepping stones. The tougher they are, the higher we climb! Let’s face today’s hurdles with all our might and celebrate conquering them!

Thought for the Day for school assembly in Hindi

“Kisi bhi kimat par sacchai ka saath do”- Swami Vivekananda

School assembly news headlines

National news for school assembly

  1. Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court has extended the judicial custody of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and BRS leader K. Kavitha until May 7 in connection with the money laundering case linked to the now-scrapped Delhi excise policy.
  2. Addressing an election rally in Tonk, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress of extending reservation based on religion and giving it to Muslims, accusing the party of a deep conspiracy to snatch people’s wealth and distribute it among select people.
  3. India’s spice exports regulator has asked MDH and Everest to provide details of quality checks after sales of three MDH spice blends and an Everest spice mix for fish curries were suspended by Hong Kong. Authorities in Hong Kong have said the spice products contain high levels of ethylene oxide, which is unfit for human consumption containing high levels of a cancer-causing pesticide.
  4. In Patanjali misleading ads case, the Supreme Court has asked Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved company, if its apology published in newspapers was as big and expensive as its usual front page advertisements for herbal drugs. Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna are directed to issue additional apologies by 30th April.
  5. Google Wallet, the digital wallet platform developed by Google, is now available to Indian users. The wallet allows users to store their debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards among other things, as well as make payments through their mobile devices.

International news headlines today for school assembly

  1. Taiwan records over 80 earthquakes in less than 24 hrs after a huge deadly quake that hit the island more than two weeks ago. The strongest tremor according to the US Geological Survey was measured at magnitude 6.1.
  2. Russia launched a drone attack on Ukraine, injuring at least nine people in the Black Sea port of Odesa, according to Ukraine’s military officials. Nine were injured, including four children, two of whom were under a year old.
  3. China has refuted US allegations that Beijing is fueling the Ukraine war by aiding Russia, which it uses for its military expansion, and has termed them “groundless accusations”.
  4. Donald Trump tried to illegally influence the 2016 Presidential election by preventing damaging stories about his personal life from becoming public, a prosecutor told jurors at the start of the former President’s historic hush money trial.
  5. Universities in the US have turned into battlegrounds over the Israel-Gaza war, as protesters from both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian camps clash, creating law and order issues. While pro-Palestinian student protesters are demanding that the US administration take steps to stop the war in Gaza and call for a ceasefire, Israeli and Jewish students claim that some protesting groups are using intimidation and anti-Semitism as tools of harassment towards them.

Top 5 sports news in English today

  1. Indian skipper Yuzvendra Chahal has become the first bowler to take 200 IPL wickets.
  2. India’s youngest World Championship contender in chess history, D Gukesh will take on reigning world champion Ding Liren in the World Chess Championship in November-December this year.
  3. The former India captain and Indian cricket board chief Sourav Ganguly, has wished for Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli to open India’s innings in the T20 World Cup that is to be held in June.
  4. Former Indian batsman Ambati Rayudu hits out at Mumbai Indians after their loss against Rajasthan royals. Mumbai Indians were handed a nine-wicket thrashing by Rajasthan Royals and are placed at ninth place on the points table.
  5. Sreeja Akula, the Commonwealth Games mixed doubles champion, surpassed Manika Batra as India’s top-ranked women’s table-tennis player in the latest ITTF World Rankings that was released.

Topics for speech in school assembly

  1. The Power of Kindness: Explore the importance of kindness in everyday life and its impact on ourselves and others.
  2. Importance of Time Management: Discuss strategies for managing time effectively and achieving goals.
  3. Combating Climate Change: Raise awareness about climate change and inspire action towards a sustainable future.
  4. The Value of Reading: Explore the benefits of reading for personal growth, knowledge expansion, and imagination.
  5. Embracing Diversity: Celebrate the beauty of diversity in our school community and the world.
  6. Benefits of Healthy Habits: Promote good nutrition, exercise, and sleep for a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Overcoming Challenges: Share stories of resilience and overcoming obstacles to inspire students.
  8. The Power of Gratitude: Encourage a thankful attitude and appreciation for the things we have.
  9. Cyberbullying Awareness: Discuss the dangers of cyberbullying and promote responsible online behavior.
  10. The Importance of Music and Art: Highlight the benefits of music and art education for creativity and well-being.
  11. Career Exploration: Introduce students to various career paths and encourage them to explore their interests.
  12. Environmental Protection: Discuss ways to protect the environment and encourage students to take action.
  13. The Magic of Science: Ignite curiosity about science and its amazing discoveries.
  14. The Importance of Sleep: Explain the importance of getting enough sleep for focus, learning, and overall health.
  15. Financial Literacy: Introduce basic financial concepts like saving, budgeting, and responsible spending.
  16. Responsible Social Media Use: Promote safe and positive use of social media platforms.
  17. The Benefits of Teamwork: Highlight the importance of collaboration, communication, and teamwork in achieving goals.
  18. The Power of Imagination: Encourage students to use their imagination for creativity and problem-solving.
  19. The Importance of Mental Health: Discuss the importance of mental well-being and encourage seeking help when needed.
  20. Celebrating Local Heroes: Highlight the achievements of people in your community who are making a positive difference.

Use these news headlines to deliver in your 24th April school assembly and to inform and inspire your students about current events happening around the world. By exploring these headlines, we can transform the school assembly into an interactive experience.

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