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Rajnath Singh’s Strategic Vision: Boosting India’s Defence Manufacturing and Infrastructure | Headlines

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Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister in the Modi government’s third term, is set to focus on bolstering India’s domestic defence production and enhancing border infrastructure to further strengthen the country’s military preparedness.

Singh has been instrumental in several pioneering measures to improve India’s combat readiness since 2019, focusing on boosting defence manufacturing and rapidly enhancing infrastructure along India’s borders with China.

Under Singh’s leadership, the defence ministry has aggressively pursued strategies that significantly aided faster military mobilisation in sensitive regions and ramped up maritime prowess in the Indian Ocean.

The emphasis is expected to continue on increasing domestic defence production, military preparedness, and critical infrastructure.

In the fiscal year 2023-24, India’s defence exports surpassed Rs 21,000 crore, with a targeted increase to Rs 50,000 crore in the coming five to six years. This is part of a broader strategy to reduce reliance on imported military hardware and promote domestic production, with a set goal of achieving a USD 25 billion turnover in defence manufacturing within the next five years.

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