Thursday, May 30, 2024

Prep Notebook: Hill, Wakey headline last week in sports

Must read

Herrin High School junior slugger Branson Hill had the most remarkable week of any area athlete this past week.

Branson tied the state record for most home runs in a single game against Goreville last Friday. She smacked four homers and is the 11th player ever to hit four bombs in one game.

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kAm|2C:@? 4=2:>65 E96 @E96C }@] ` D665 2?5 H:== 9@DE :ED @H? C68:@?2=] %96 (:=542ED H:== A=2J ?6IE (65?6D52J 2E cib_ A]>] 282:?DE E96 H:??6C @7 ?6IE |@?52Jā€™D cib_ A]>] A=2J\:? 82>6 36EH66? r2C3@?52=6 2?5 w6CC:?]k^Am

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kAmy@9?DE@? r:EJ H:== 9@DE 2 C68:@?2= DE2CE:?8 %F6D52J] %96 x?5:2?D H:== A=2J %F6D52J 2E cib_ A]>] 282:?DE E96 H:??6C @7 |@?52Jā€™D A=2J\:? 82>6 36EH66? }2D9G:==6 2?5 sF “F@:?]k^Am

kAm!:?4<?6JG:==6 2?5 #65 qF5 >2<6 FA E96 @E96C EH@ E62>D šŸ˜• E96 y@9?DE@? r:EJ #68:@?2=] %96 !2?E96CD 2?5 |FD<6E66CD H:== A=2J (65?6D52J 2E cib_ A]>]k^Am

kAm|FCA9JD3@C@ H:== A=2J šŸ˜• E96 +6:8=6C\#@J2=E@?^r9C:DE@A96C #68:@?2= 2=@?8 H:E9 r2CE6CG:==6] %96 #65 s6G:=D H:== A=2J r96DE6C (65?6D52J 2E cib_ A]>]k^Am

kAmx? E96 u2:C7:6=5 #68:@?2=[ r2C>:\(9:E6 r@F?EJ H:== A=2J E96 H:??6C @7 |@?52Jā€™D A=2J\:? 82>6 36EH66? |E] r2C>6= 2?5 q6?E@? ?6IE (65?6D52J 2E cib_ A]>] w2>:=E@? r@F?EJ 2?5 9@DE |F=6D H:== 7@==@H 2E eib_ A]>]k^Am

kAm%96 p\y[ yr[ 2?5 +\# #68:@?2= 7:?2=D H:== 36 A=2J65 $2EFC52J 2E “ 2]>][ `_ 2]>][ 2?5 ?@@? C6DA64E:G6=J] %96 u2:C7:6=5 #68:@?2= 7:?2= H:== 36 A=2J65 uC:52J 2E cib_ A]>]k^Am


kAmp== bp D49@@=D šŸ˜• @FC 4@G6C286 2C62 72== F?56C E96 F>3C6==2 @7 E96 (2E6C=@@ $64E:@?2=]k^Am

kAm|2C:@? 2?5 r2C3@?52=6 H:== A=2J šŸ˜• E96 7:CDE 82>6 @7 E96 r2C3@?52=6 #68:@?2= ?6IE %F6D52J 2E c A]>] w6CC:? 2?5 |E] ‘6C?@? H:== 7@==@H 2E e A]>]k^Am

kAmr29@<:2 H:== A=2J t2DE $E] {@F:D šŸ˜• 2 A=2J\:? 82>6 2D A2CE @7 E96 %C:25 #68:@?2= ?6IE |@?52J 2E cib_ A]>] %96 H:??6C H:== 7246 %C:25 ?6IE %F6D52J 2E b A]>] r6?EC2=:2 2?5 (2E6C=@@ H:== 7@==@H 2E cib_ A]>]k^Am

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