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Multifaceted fashion ‘It Girl’ Emily Ratajkowski headlines international campaign – Manila Standard

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Supermodel and best-selling author Emily Ratajkowski is the new face of the clothing brand Patton. She is headlining a new campaign, photographed by Tom Newton in New York City, to highlight the fashion brand’s classic and best-selling items.

The collection includes clothes in earthy tones and some bright colors, designed to be versatile and high-quality for everyday wear. It also features “one-and-done” inspired looks, which have become closely associated with the brand since its launch in 2020.

Ratajkowski, 32, is known for her many talents and wide appeal, which makes her the perfect face to represent Patton’s style and values.

Apart from being a model and an author, Ratajkowski is also an actress, entrepreneur, activist, and a social media personality

“Patton’s effortless style caters to the modern, on-the-go individual looking to simplify daily life with functional, well-made clothing for dynamic lifestyles. Our brand appeals to those who feel confident and liberated in minimalist, tasteful garments,” the brand said in a statement noting that “Ratajkowski embodies Patton’s essence: a 32-year-old international star balancing multiple roles with a no-nonsense, fashion-forward flair.”

Ratajkowksi sports a gray Pullover Bodysuit from the collection

In a campaign video by the brand, Ratajkowski showcases a range of neutrals and closet staples that define the brand’s high-quality, casual everyday wear.

“Choosing my outfit each morning impacts the role I’ll play that day,” Ratajkowski shared in a recent interview. “Wearing Patton makes me feel amazing. It’s versatile, comfortable, and perfect for all moments in my life.”

Ratajkowski shared her thoughts on the importance of versatility in today’s world. She emphasized that women have always been adaptable, especially when balancing roles like motherhood. 

“Having a career and being an independent person with friendships and relationships is a great way to find happiness and balance in life,” the supermodel said.

When asked how she simplifies her multifaceted life, Ratajkowski admitted she is still figuring it out. She has no easy answers but focuses on what matters most each day. For instance, if she has spent much time with her son, she feels more comfortable taking time to write or work. For her, it’s a daily balancing act.

“I try to pay attention to what’s important to me and what I value daily. If I’ve recently spent a lot of time with my son, I feel more comfortable taking time to write or work. It’s a day-to-day balancing act,” Ratajkowski explained.

Ratajkowksi in a black Cross Wrap Mono from the ‘One & Done’ collection

Ratajkowski has established herself as an archetypal, multifaceted talent of modern times. She is a successful entrepreneur, writer, actress, and model. At the same time, she is an activist and a global social media phenomenon.

Appearing numerous times on the cover of major international magazines, she is a highly-coveted star, most sought-after by fashion and beauty labels worldwide.

In various Hollywood projects, she has acted in films such as David Fincher’s Gone Girl, Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, and soon, she will be seen in Lena Dunham’s Netflix romantic comedy series Too Much, which was announced recently.

Meanwhile, her debut essay collection My Body published by Metropolitan Books became an instant New York Times Best Seller upon its release in 2021.

According to the New York Times Book Review: “My Body is a firsthand account of the author (Ratajkowski) and her indoctrination into the world of fashion and the cult of beauty. It is a deep and honest investigation of what it means to be a woman seen as a commodity.”

Before the book’s release, Ratajkowski’s New York Magazine essay Buying Myself Back garnered over a million views within 24 hours and became the magazine’s most-read piece of the year.

In 2023, she hosted an original podcast in the US titled High Low with EmRata, which married highbrow and lowbrow topics, exploring whatever was on her mind from politics, philosophy, feminism, pop culture, and other current topics.

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