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Morgan Wallen’s Nashville bar sign denied by council due to singer’s ‘harmful’ behavior

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Morgan Wallen’s past troubles seem to be catching up with him. 

Ahead of the grand opening of his six-story bar in Nashville, Tennessee, called Morgan Wallen’s This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen this weekend, the Nashville Metropolitan Council rejected plans to display a 20-foot sign advertising the bar on the downtown Nashville strip due to the singer’s past controversies, including his past use of a racial slur and allegedly throwing a chair off a Nashville rooftop. 

The resolution would have allowed the bar’s ownership group to hang a large, neon-lighted sign outside the venue, similar to other country stars’ Nashville bars, including Luke Bryan’s, Miranda Lambert’s and others. However, the council voted 30-3 to deny the sign’s placement. 

Morgan Wallen’s Nashville, Tennessee, bar is set to open Memorial Day weekend. (Getty Images)

“I don’t want to see a billboard up with the name of a person who’s throwing chairs off of balconies and who is saying racial slurs,” Council member Delishia Porterfield said, according to The Tennesseean

District 24 Council member Brenda Gadd stated that Wallen is “someone who continues to get second chances,” according to the outlet.

District 14 Council member Jordan Huffman added, “Mr. Wallen is a fellow East Tennessean. He gives all of us a bad name. His comments are hateful; his actions are harmful.” Additionally, Council member Antoinette Lee said those speaking up might “help folks who are doing these harmful actions think twice.”

A representative for Wallen did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 


Morgan Wallen bar sign

Morgan Wallen’s bar sign has been denied placement. (Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County)

On April 7, Wallen was charged with three felony counts by the Metro Nashville Police Department after a chair he allegedly threw off the roof of the six-story Chief’s bar landed on Broadway near two police officers.

The “Last Night” singer was “cooperating fully” with the investigation, a rep for the musician told Fox News Digital at the time.

Wallen did not appear at his first court hearing earlier this month.


Wallen’s lawyer, Worrick Robinson, appeared on Wallen’s behalf instead after waiving the country music star’s first appearance. He explained the court date was a “settlement,” in which Wallen’s legal team and the district attorney’s office could have a conversation about the case.

Singer Morgan Wallen wears cut-off shirt on stage, mugshot from Nashville arrest.

Morgan Wallen was arrested April 7 for throwing a chair off a rooftop bar. (Getty Images)

“This is obviously a very complicated case,” Robinson told reporters after the hearing. “It’s not going to resolve itself without subpoenas and witnesses.”

Robinson explained they “reset” the case for Aug. 15, and Wallen would be in attendance for that date.

After his arrest, Wallen, who has since continued touring, took to X to atone for his actions.

“I didn’t feel right publicly checking in until I made amends with some folks,” Wallen wrote on social media. “I’ve touched base with Nashville law enforcement, my family, and the good people at Chief’s. I’m not proud of my behavior, and I accept responsibility. “I have the utmost respect for the officers working every day to keep us all safe.”

Country star Morgan Wallen holds a guitar during concert.

Morgan Wallen recently kicked off his “One Night at a Time” tour on April 4. (John Shearer)

He also reassured fans, “Regarding my tour, there will be no change.”

Three years prior, Wallen was caught on camera using the N-word. The incident led to Wallen’s record label, Big Loud Records, suspending him and conglomerates, like iHeartRadio, pulling the 27-year-old’s music from their stations.

He has since apologized and admitted to his own ignorance


Despite this latest setback over the bar sign, a public relations expert told Fox News Digital recently that Wallen’s arrest last month might actually help the singer “drive more business.”

“Wallen’s image is largely tied to a rowdy, hard-singing, harder-drinking, good ol’ boy. An arrest for an incident like this, which presumably came at the end of a night of partying, will arguably drive even more traffic to his bar,” Doug Eldridge, a public relations expert from Achilles PR, told Fox News Digital. 

“I say that because of the nature of ‘bar marketing’ as well as the general environment and atmosphere in Nashville these days,” he added. “By contrast, if he was launching a children’s book or doing some type of outward-facing philanthropy, his recent arrest would have a more damning effect.”

Singer Morgan Wallen wears backwards hat on stage.

Morgan Wallen has faced a number of controversies throughout his career. (Getty Images)

Ted Jenkin, president of Exit Stage Left Advisors, agrees that the arrest will more than likely have a “positive” impact on the bar’s success.

“Morgan Wallen is a hugely popular artist right now and this recent arrest will actually have a positive impact, in my view, in terms of the loyal followers who want to come visit and patronize the grand opening,” he said.

Wallen’s six-story building will feature six bars, a rooftop and three live music stages.


Fox News Digital’s Lauryn Overhultz and Larry Fink contributed to this report. 

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