Monday, June 17, 2024

Indiana needs to legalize online poker. Players have waited long enough.

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I am writing regarding legalization of online poker in Indiana. It is ludicrous for Indiana to have sports betting and lottery and no online poker.

Many residents love playing poker recreationally and have played in home games all their lives, but they have disabilities or mobility issues, or they do not enjoy the casino atmosphere.

I know there has been a recent scandal involving a representative and the gaming bill, but really that is nothing new to voters who are adults and know that corruption exists. The answer to corruption is to root it out and deal with it. I believe voters are mature and intelligent enough to continue to back online poker legislation.

Legislation should be brought up in the next Indiana General Assembly session. Adult residents of Indiana have waited long enough to do something they should already be able to do.

Paula Bishop lives in Terre Haute.

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