Monday, July 15, 2024

India will become a global production hub: Jai Shankar – HIMACHAL HEADLINES

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In the program Vikasit Bharat @2047 An Intellectual Delebration organized by Friends of Shimla in Shimla, External Affairs Minister of the Government of India S Jaishankar addressed the intellectuals of Shimla. He clarified that in the coming times, India is going to become the center of the world’s economic power and global production capacity. Talking about China, he said that China has lost its credibility in the world due to its increasing global interference and inhuman policies. For this reason, India has emerged as a ray of hope and soon India will emerge as a global production center. He said that today big companies like Apple are turning towards India. A large part of Apple company’s phone production is being made in India today. Along with this, big companies of the world are also turning towards India.

The External Affairs Minister said that the stable and democratic government in India is its biggest strength due to which India is also becoming the start-up hub of the world. Today, 111 unicorns have been formed in India. In Covid-19, India provided vaccines to 101 countries and provided the feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam to the entire world. India also gave the message of global brotherhood while leading the G-20. Today, India has emerged as a strong infrastructure and technology giant in the world by building 30 km of road, 14 km of railway line and 8 airports every day. India has established a major dimension in the internet sector by creating 5G. Today, while all the countries of the world are grappling with challenges like Data Security and Privacy, India has also taken steps towards citizens’ data security.

Sustainable development has become a challenge for the world, while India is moving towards fulfilling the criteria of the United Nations. India’s claim for permanent membership in the UNSC is getting stronger. Most of the countries of the world want to see India as a permanent member of the UNSC.

He assured that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolve of developing a developed India by 2047 is surely going to be fulfilled as the lion of Make in India is roaring in the world.

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