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Health, finance and infrastructure threatened by changing climate, federal report warns

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The federal government’s first climate risk assessment report has detailed how life in Australia will continue to change because of rising temperatures and extreme weather events.

Federal Assistant Minister for Climate Change Jenny McAllister said the first step was understanding the threats.

“The second step is deciding what we’re going to do about them,” she said.

Jenny McAllister says the assessment provides a deeper understand of climate risks.(ABC News: Matt Roberts)

Senator McAllister said most Australians were aware of the impact of climate change, but the implications were broader than many imagined.

“The risk assessment takes us to things like health services, the quality of our infrastructure and our buildings, the sustainability and reliability of our food systems, access to water,” she said.

A food truck bogged on the side of a dirt road.

Extreme weather has wreaked havoc with the supply chain in recent years, including in the Northern Territory.(Supplied: Ellie Kamara)

Disease, food and finance

The report paints a dire picture of a future in which the defence forces and emergency services will become increasingly stretched.

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