Monday, July 15, 2024

Govt is lying about providing 28,000 Jobs : Bindal – HIMACHAL HEADLINES

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Dharamshala: While addressing street meetings in the Dehra Assembly by-election, BJP state president Dr. Rajeev Bindal accused the Chief Minister of serving the people a blatant lie by claiming to provide 28,000 jobs. He stated that the current Congress government hasn’t even provided 28 jobs, let alone 28,000. During the December 2023 election, the government guaranteed in the first cabinet meeting to provide 100,000 jobs annually, but one and a half years later, not a single job has been given, and the people are being deceived.

Dr. Bindal mentioned that the people of the state want to know why the state government, which has already taken a loan of ₹30,000 crore, is planning to take an additional ₹9,000 crore loan. Despite this, development works in the state are stalled. He questioned if this loan amount is being taken for the welfare of the Chief Minister’s friends, since the Chief Minister claims that the state treasury is empty and development works cannot be undertaken.

Dr. Bindal accused the state government of spreading lies at full speed in the context of the three by-elections. He stated that the government is using all its might to deceive the people of Dehra. The by-election in Dehra is not being fought by the Congress party but by the government of Himachal. The entire election process has been handed over to officials, who are intimidating small and large employees, shopkeepers, tractor owners, JCB operators, taxi drivers, and truck drivers to secure votes.

Dr. Bindal said that the Dehra by-election is being fought under an atmosphere of fear and terror, but the people of Dehra have decided to elect their son, Hoshiar Singh. He mentioned that in Nalagarh, the election has become a contest between hooliganism and a good servant, a social worker, and the people of Nalagarh are determined to make BJP candidate K.L. Thakur win. The by-election in the Hamirpur Assembly constituency is clearly in favor of BJP candidate Ashish Sharma, and the people of Hamirpur have decided to bless him.

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