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GGPoker Merges the Excitement of Poker & Sports in New Pick & Go Format

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GGPoker Merges the Excitement of Poker & Sports in New Pick & Go Format

Always looking for new ways to keep players on their toes, GGPoker has introduced a new tournament format that combines the excitement of popular sports and exchanging blows at the tables. Dubbed Pick & Go, the format speaks to poker and sports fans alike, adding a few interesting twists.

In a nutshell, Pick & Go tournaments have players pick one of the sides from popular sporting events. Depending on the betting odds, their tournament buy-in is then adjusted, which means that picking an underdog allows you to enter the tournament at a discount.

The twist is, however, that if your selected team loses, you’ll be automatically removed from the tournament regardless of the stack size. So, while going with a big underdog in a match can give you a massive discount, there is a real risk that all your hard work at the tables will be for naught if your pick performs as bookmakers expect it to.


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Celebrating the Start of the 2024 EURO

The inaugural Pick & Go event will take place on July 14, coinciding with the opening match of the 2024 EURO in Germany. The game features the tournament host, Germany, playing against Scotland, and you don’t have to be a soccer connoisseur to know who the favorite in that match is.

Pick & Go action will continue over the next few weeks, primarily featuring the most exciting matches of the 2024 EURO. The operator will likely keep the format around after the tournament is over, but these types of formats usually thrive around major sporting events.

GGPoker did a similar thing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup with its Bet & Go format. These tournaments were offered to the international player pool and at GGPoker Ontario. The new Pick & Go format will also be rolled out in these two markets come July 14.

Making Choices With Your Heart or Your Head

Pick & Go tournaments aim to put players in quite a predicament. While serious pros only interested in math will probably make their decisions based on PURE NUMBERS, there are many soccer fans out there who will have to make a decision between what their head is telling them — and what their heart wants.

If a tournament features a big underdog, but that underdog happens to be your national team, how do you go against them? Even if the big buy-in discount isn’t enough to justify the decision, you can go against the grain, back your team up, and if they come up with an upset, you’ll end up playing against a rather small field as a huge percentage of players will be eliminated.

Once the match is over and those who backed the wrong side are ousted, the tournament continues as your typical freezeout and plays down to the winner.

The 2024 EURO is an exciting time for all soccer fans, not just in Europe but worldwide. New Pick & Go tournaments from GGPoker add a bit to that hype and give you a chance to enjoy two of everyone’s favorite pastimes together.

So, if you don’t have a GGPoker account yet, sign up today, pick up your welcome package, and start making your managerial decisions ahead of time. In football and in poker, it’s always better to head into the action with a clear gameplan!

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