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From Microsoft to Poker and Angel Investing: Vivek’s Story

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Vivek Rajkumar is a professional poker player from India who now resides in Seattle, United States. Even though he was born in India, Vivek was raised in Singapore, giving him an international point of view before setting foot in America.

Vivek was just 19 years old when he graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Engineering. Before his poker career took off, Rajkumar went to work at Microsoft as a software engineer. After just a year, Vivek would be spending a lot of time on computers for a very different reason.

His growing passion for the game of poker led him to pursue it full-time and he saw enough success to make him the number one earner in India from live poker.

Let’s talk about his story a bit more.

Vivek Rajkumar’s Multi-Million Dollar Poker Career

Rajkumar started making waves in the online poker world as a fearless tournament grinder. In 2007, he made his first trip to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and cashed five times, including an impressive sixth-place finish in a $3,000 Limit Hold’em event. 

Because of his young looks, some of his opponents probably thought Vivek was underage.

His first major live tournament win came in February 2008 at the L.A. Poker Classic, where he took down a $2,595 buy-in event for $113,425. Just seven months later, Rajkumar became a World Poker Tour (WPT) champion by winning the $10,000 WPT Borgata Open in Atlantic City for a staggering $1,424,500.

Rajkumar continued to compete in high-stakes events, narrowly missing out on becoming a two-time WPT champion in February 2011 when he finished runner-up in the $10,000 L.A. Poker Classic for $908,730. Two months later, he placed fourth in the $10,000 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars event, adding another $295,800 to his bankroll. 

His biggest score came in August 2019 at the £1,050,000 Triton Million for Charity event in London. After four years away from the poker tables, Rajkumar finished fifth for an astonishing £3,000,000 ($3,652,345).

Throughout his career, Rajkumar has amassed over $8 million in live poker tournament earnings. His aggressive style and fearless approach to the game have made him a formidable opponent at the tables.

Try the Game Vivek Was Ultra-Successful At

On bringing ideas to life, Vivek says, “Just start! I used to get bogged down by doubt: Did I actually pick the right path? What if I’m wrong? I learned that it’s more conducive just to get started and to change direction down the line if need be.”

If you’re inspired by Vivek Rajkumar’s poker success and want to start your own journey, consider trying to play poker online free. These cost-free games allow you to practice your skills, learn the rules, and experience the thrill of poker without risking any money. As you improve, you can gradually move up to low-stakes games and eventually compete in tournaments like the ones Rajkumar has conquered.

Angel Investing After Poker Wins

After stepping away from professional poker in 2011, Vivek Rajkumar has focused on angel investing. By leveraging his poker winnings, he has been able to invest in various startups and ventures. This transition from poker to investing showcases Rajkumar’s ability to adapt and succeed in different fields.

He joined Fikir Ventures with several friends, is involved with several investment opportunities, and says that he starts the day with a “look at the latest ICOs”.

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