Thursday, May 30, 2024

Entertainment News: Hawaii’s Iam Tongi performs at White House for first time

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The actress known as Zendaya stars as one of 3 tennis players in CHALLENGERS, the story of a love triangle set in the world of tennis. Two close male friends pursue Zendaya’s character. She’s attracted to both of them but doesn’t seem to be in love with either of them. The script is decent and the actors are very good, but the direction is heavy handed, and the lack of a true ending feels like a cop out. Zendaya’s two co-stars are Mike Faist from WEST SIDE STORY and Josh O’Connor from THE CROWN. The tennis matches themselves are impressive, largely because much of the hitting is computer generated. The actors are often swinging racket handles with no heads. Some of the hits are photographed from odd angles, and all of them include loud sound effects. The musical score is driving, thumping techno music that’s so loud it sometimes obliterates the dialogue. Another flaw is that the film needlessly jumps back and forth among 3 different time periods over 13 years. (In theaters)

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