Friday, July 19, 2024

El Taiger Spotted Shopping at Walmart

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Nobody escapes the scrutiny of social media, least of all artists, and it holds true that “there’s always an eye watching you.” This time, the “victim” was El Taiger, who was spotted shopping at none other than a Walmart.

In a video shared by a user on TikTok, the singer is seen picking out a black shirt and carrying other undefined items, and later paying at the checkout. The footage sparked mixed reactions among netizens. While some saw nothing wrong with him shopping at this supermarket, others criticized him.

“Everyone buys where they want, what’s the problem? Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, doesn’t wear branded clothes, and no one criticizes him”; “What’s wrong with shopping at Walmart, I don’t get it”; “I’m telling you, the wealthiest people are often the simplest, poor you folks who spend your entire paycheck just to show off”; “He’s always said he buys clothes at Walmart, I don’t get the mockery, but he definitely makes more money than you,” wrote some in defense of the reggaeton artist.

Others, however, took a more mocking tone: “Walmart clothes? I wouldn’t dare”; “The millionaire shopping at Walmart”; “Cuba’s tank at Walmart?”; “Walmart’s kingpin”; “And where are the bodyguards of this celebrity?”; “Watch out for Walmart products, that cat might take them,” they added.

Criticism aside, it’s clear that El Taiger isn’t one of those Cuban artists who flaunt branded clothing on social media.

El Taiger’s Shopping Habits and Public Perception

Given the mixed reactions to El Taiger’s shopping trip to Walmart, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to shed more light on the situation.

Why did El Taiger shopping at Walmart gain attention?

El Taiger’s shopping trip to Walmart caught attention because it contrasts with the common perception that celebrities only shop at high-end stores. This sparked various reactions from his fans and critics.

What were some of the supportive comments from fans?

Supportive comments included statements defending his choice to shop wherever he wants and highlighting that even wealthy individuals can prefer simpler, more practical shopping options.

How did critics respond to El Taiger’s Walmart visit?

Critics mocked El Taiger for shopping at Walmart, questioning the choice of a celebrity to shop at such a store and making sarcastic remarks about his perceived status.

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