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Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News – SimCorp

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25 April 2024

The latest technology news in the wealth management sector from around the world.


SimCorp, a subsidiary
of Deutsche Börse Group, has rolled out its new flagship
integrated platform solution for buy-side firms such as asset
managers, SimCorp One.

The offering includes Dimension, Axioma, Client Communications,
Data Management Services, Business Services as well as SimCorp’s
ecosystem of third-party solutions. These are linked to SimCorp’s
Investment Book Of Records (IBOR).  

(Dimension delivers real-time total portfolio views; Axioma is
SimCorp’s suite of solutions for portfolio construction,
analytics and risk management; Client Communication is a solution
that automates end-to-end client communication and reporting
processes; Data Management Services is SimCorp’s cloud service
ecosystem for managing market and reference data; Business
Services is SimCorp’s offering of investment accounting services
and investment operations services; and Integrated Ecosystem is
the firm’s curated partner ecosystem providing access to
solutions and services.)

“SimCorp One is a full suite of investment solutions to address
the front-to-back needs of all investment managers,” SimCorp
chief executive Christian Kromann said. 

The firm said its solution handles how financial services and
investment management in particular have become gradually more
complex with added regulations, increasing competition, growing
customer demands, heightened macro uncertainty, AI and privacy
concerns, and more.   

“This is the brink of a new era, where the focus shifts from
information and analysis to decisions and outcomes. We call this
“The Decision Era” and it reflects this new operating reality for
our clients. We believe simplification is a key to unlocking the
potential for better decision-making – from the choice of
operating model to ongoing alpha optimisation and operational
execution,” Kromann said.

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