Tuesday, July 16, 2024

CSignum, ANB Sensors Target Water Quality Monitoring Innovation

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CSignum, a leader in wireless underwater communications and ANB Sensors, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality, calibration-free pH sensors announced their collaboration for wireless solutions for water quality monitoring. This collaboration expands the reach of water quality monitoring solutions by interconnecting ANB’s advanced sensor technology with CSignum’s innovative EM-2 wireless communication platform.

CSignum and ANB Sensors bring together high-precision sensors and battery powered, wireless communication to provide a comprehensive monitoring system capable of operating in the most challenging and difficult to reach environments.

ANB’s sensors provide precise measurements of key parameters such as pH, temperature, and conductivity. The CSignum EM-2 solution wirelessly transmits sensor data from beneath the water to the topside without the need for a permanently wired equipment installation on the riverbank or shore.  

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