Monday, June 24, 2024

Apple to cut over 700 jobs following Apple Car cancellation

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As many of you know, Apple killed its Apple Car project after a decade of development. At first, it didn’t seem like that would affect its employees, as they were supposed to be reallocated to other projects. Well, the news just surfaced that Apple will cut over 700 jobs.

Apple plans to cut over 700 jobs, mainly due to the Apple Car cancellation

The layoffs became known after the company filed WARN notices in the state of California. That report has been seen by 9to5Mac, and the layoffs do affect projects that have been talked about recently.

According to the report, Apple will fire 58 employees from one of its offices in Santa Clara. That office belonged to LuxVue Technology, which is a company that specializes in Micro-LED displays. Apple acquired it in 2014.

As many of you know, rumors have been swirling around that Apple canceled its plans to design and products its Micro-LED displays for the Apple Watch. That allegedly happened because the screens “were difficult to produce in sufficient quantities”, based on the Bloomberg’s report.

Over 120 people from San Diego will lose their jobs

On the other hand, Apple will also fire over 120 people from San Diego. This comes following the news that Apple closed a Siri data operations office located there That information surfaced in January.

Other layoffs are mostly related to the cancelation of the Apple Car project, it seems. These are Apple’s first mass layoffs since the pandemic, in case you were wondering.

Such news are never good to see, though, of course. Many companies have been firing people this year, which is a trend from last year. Most recently we’ve seen Meta lay off 50 people from the Messenger team last month. EA decided to fire over 650 employees in February, and news that Sony will fire 900 people from the PlayStation team also appeared in February.

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