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5 Reasons Why Clubs Poker Is the Best Place for Texas Online Poker Beginners

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5 Reasons Why Clubs Poker Is the Best Place for Texas Online Poker Beginners

Clubs Poker is a newcomer to the US online poker scene. This social poker site has adopted a sweepstakes model that enables players to play online poker and redeems their winnings for real money prizes legally in 45 US states, and Texas is one of them.

Although the state has a vibrant live scene, many Texas online poker players have opted to choose sketchy offshore sites Thus the arrival of Clubs Poker represents a major development, especially for those new to the game.

For the beginners looking to learn the game in a legal, safe and comfortable environment, Clubs Poker is the best option available in Texas. We’re bringing you the top five reasons why we think this is the case.

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New Site Available in 45 States

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1. Completely Legal & Trustworthy

Although Clubs Poker is a newcomer to the market, this site is owned and operated by a team of people who have been around online poker for a long while. This gives it a high level of trustworthiness that many new operators don’t get right out of the gate.

The social poker platform operates in compliance with Texas sweepstakes laws that have been tried and tested for many years. Thus, players can rest assured that redeeming their winnings for real money prizes on this site is completely legal and not at odds with any current state or federal legislations.

While both of these things are important to all poker players, they’re of particular significance to beginners who don’t necessarily have a deep understanding of how things work. Knowing that a site is completely legal and that playing there won’t get you in trouble allows you to focus on playing the game and developing your poker skills and not having to worry that your banking details are safe and secure.

2. Soft & Friendly Games

Clubs Poker has the potential to grow into the biggest sweepstakes poker site around. However, for the time being, it is still in the process of building its player base, which is great news for all Texas online poker beginners.

Cash games and tournaments alike are quite soft at the moment as the player pool is made of all sorts of people. Many of them are poker beginners, some have been playing for a while but consider poker just a fun hobby; but, there aren’t many serious grinders or pros on the site just yet.

This is a great spot for anyone learning the ropes. You’ll have fun at the tables and will actually have a fair chance of winning. We can’t know what things will look like in the future, but as of right now, games on Clubs Poker look like a lot of fun and they’re most certainly not filled by regs.

3. Loads of Freeroll Action

There are many ways to get Sweeps Coins at Clubs Poker without ever making a purchase, and playing freerolls is perhaps the best one.

There are numerous freeroll tournaments taking place every day on the site, and all players are welcome to join and compete for a share of prize pools that range from 100 SC to 500 SC.

This is not only a nice way to boost your SC balance, but it also gives you an opportunity to play poker and garner experience without any exposure. If you make a mistake and bust a tournament, you don’t lose anything. Just wait for the next one to come around and try again!

4. Many Cool Features

It is clear the operator designed the platform with a focus on the player experience. There are many cool features available at the tables, such as:

  • Bomb pots
  • Run it twice
  • Straddles
  • Bad Beat Jackpots

These and other features help make the games much more entertaining and bring about the home game vibes that many beginners might be used to.

They also help make tables dynamic and entice action, which is something you want as a beginner. You’ll learn by playing hands and getting involved in the pots, gaining experience, and learning from your and other players’ mistakes.

5. Generous Welcome Offer

All new Texas poker players registering with Clubs Poker can take advantage of the generous offer on their first purchase. When making a $20 purchase, the site will gift you with a total of 40 in Sweeps Coins, which is a 100% boost in relation to the usual free gift of 20 SC that comes with this purchase.

You can use SCs to enter tournaments and join ring game tables, and try to run up your balance. When you have 50 SC or more in your balance, you can use them to redeem a cash prize, and the redemption rate is 1 SC for $1.

Download the Clubs Poker app today, claim the welcome bonus, and join an exciting and vibrant online room that seeks to take the social poker experience to a whole new level!

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