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15 Y2K Fashion Trends That Are Back in Style: Revived Low-rise Jeans, Capris and More

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Fashion trends inspired by the early aughts have repeatedly returned in recent years, proving that the 2000s just can’t be shaken. As Millennials and Gen Z satisfy their craving for nostalgia, styles not seen for decades have bubbled up on social media and, in many cases, the catwalk.

Last year, Google‘s latest data further proved that the 2000s craze hasn’t cratered — in fact, searches for Y2K-related trends reached record highs in 2023.

Here, 15 noughties trends that are back in style.

Ballet flats

Alexa Chung in 2009.


The emergence of balletcore naturally revived one of the Millennium’s favorite footwear trends. Brands like Sandy Liang and Miu Miu have released ballet flats in recent seasons, with mary jane styles spurring a dancer-off-duty craze.

Puka shell necklaces

Keira Knightley in 2005, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, puka shells

Keira Knightley in 2005.

Getty Images

Puka shell necklaces have made a triumphant return thanks to the popularity of the “island girl” aesthetic, which took off on TikTok and Instagram.

Low-rise waistlines

Destiny's Child in 2001, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, Beyoncé, low rise, red carpet

Destiny’s Child in 2001.


Low-rise pants and skirts had a chokehold on the 2000s, with celebrities favoring belly-baring bottoms. The controversial trend has been revived two decades later as labels including Stella McCartney, Versace and Diesel sent low-rise designs down the runway for the spring 2023 season.


Sienna Miller in 2005, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, Uggs, street style

Sienna Miller in 2005.


Uggs took the 2000s by storm, with stars pairing the comfy shearling slippers with everything from velour tracksuits to bedazzled microminis. Calf-length Ugg boots were the most popular style of the decade, but these days, shorter styles are in. Ugg minis and the brand’s Tazz slippers are current bestsellers.

Leg warmers

Geri Halliwell in 2001, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, leg warmers, street style

Geri Halliwell in 2001.

Getty Images

The balletcore fad has also spawned a resurgence in leg warmers. The knit stockings that first took off in the ’80s briefly came back in the 2000s before returning once again in the 2020s.

Trucker hats

Lindsay Lohan in 2003, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, trucker hats, Von Dutch, red carpet

Lindsay Lohan in 2003.

Getty Images

Trucker hats were the celebrity set’s go-to chapeau in the early 2000s, with Von Dutch and Ed Hardy thriving on mesh-backed caps featuring patches and edgy graphics.

Nameplate necklaces

Amber Rose in 2009, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, nameplate necklaces, Carrie Bradshaw, red carpet

Amber Rose in 2009.


Thanks in part to Carrie Bradshaw of HBO’s “Sex and the City”, nameplate necklaces had a major moment in the new Millennium. Last year, they were among the top trending Y2K accessories on Google.


Jessica Alba in 2004, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, bell bottoms, flares, red carpet, jeans

Jessica Alba in 2004.


Bell-bottoms first became trendy in the 1970s, but they were brought back in the 2000s. Today, brands including Gucci and Veronica Beard have gotten in on the retro-inspired fad.

Cargo pants

Ciara in 2006, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, cargo pants

Ciara in 2006.

Getty Images

Cargo pants became a style staple in the 2000s. As it turns out, baggy trousers featuring plenty of pockets were also a major runway trend during the spring 2023 season, with LaQuan Smith, Isabel Marant and Givenchy reviving the cargo craze.

Denim skirts

Paris Hilton in 2004, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, denim skirt, mini skirt

Paris Hilton in 2004.


Denim skirts of all lengths were popular in the 2000s, with stars favoring mini, midi and maxi styles. In 2023, the ever-popular indigo textile appeared on the runways of Bottega Veneta, Blumarine and Givenchy, while Courrèges and Alberta Ferretti channeled the 2000s by debuting microminis on the catwalk.

Platform flip flops

Hilary Duff in 2002, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, platform flip-flops, red carpet

Hilary Duff in 2002.


Flip-flops were taken to new heights in the ’90s, with platform sandals becoming a staple piece by the early 2000s. Today, labels including Coperni, Gia Borghini and Loewe have released their own versions of platform flip-flops, while flat variations of the casual beach sandal populated the runways of Miu Miu and Chanel during the spring 2024 season.

Rimless frames

Eve in 2003, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, rimless sunglasses

Eve in 2003.


Rimless sunglasses were popular among star singers like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Eve in the early aughts. These sleek shades have now made a comeback thanks to brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Gentle Monster, who recently debuted similar styles.


Mariah Carey in 2000, Emanuel Ungaro, butterfly top, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends, red carpet

Mariah Carey in 2000.

Getty Images

Mariah Carey’s iconic Emanuel Ungaro butterfly top has spawned knock-offs for decades. Today, the fashion legacy of the colorful insect lives on, with Versace and Blumarine releasing recent collections featuring butterfly motifs.

Skirts and dresses over pants

Britney Spears in 2002, red carpet, skirts over pants, dresses over pants, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends

Britney Spears in 2002.


Wearing skirts or dresses over pants was particularly en vogue in the new millennium. While the controversial fad was eventually labeled a fashion faux pas, it’s now back in style as designers like Peter Do, Chopova Lowena and Connor Ives make the case for layered bottoms.


Rihanna in 2005, capris, y2k fashion trends, 2000s style trends

Rihanna in 2005.

Getty Images

As shorter hemlines became fashionable in the noughties, so too did capris. Cropped pants of varied fabrics and patterns are stylish once more in 2024, with Jacquemus, Sandy Liang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, to name a few, setting the updated trend.

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