Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Zendaya’s Loewe tennis dress was a fashion serve

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Whether she’s promoting a sci-fi epic or a throuple-centric Guadagnino flick, Zendaya knows how to dress for a press tour. For Dune: Part Two’s recent outings, the A-Lister and her trusty “image architect” Law Roach pulled off an insane run of looks which included that AW95 Mugler robosuit and a circuit board skirt set from Givenchy AW99 by Alexander McQueen. Now that the pair have got all the sci-fi references out of their system, only one thing is on their mind this time: tennis.

With barely a moment to recoup, Zendaya is off on the rounds again, this time for Luca Guadagnino’s aforementioned threesome misadventure Challengers. In the film, Z plays Tashi Duncan, a former tennis player turned coach – so what to wear to the film’s Australian premiere? An actual tennis court of course! Always ones to wear their references on their sleeves, Zendaya and Roach hit up Jonthan Anderson for the custom Loewe creation, a glittery green dress with a tennis player graffitied onto it. At the event Zendaya even joked on stage that she’d arrived as “a bedazzled tennis court,” which the audience absolutely loved. Here’s hoping the dynamic duo keep up the tennis references for the rest of the tour and we get to see Zendaya in bifocals and a bowl cut like Billie Jean King.

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