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Your star sign’s tarot horoscope for the month of April 2023

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Get ready for a new month (Picture: Getty/

April is a massive month in terms of the stars.

Aries season, which marks the start of a new astrological year, is in full swing, along with a Full Moon in Libra (which asks us to reflect on the balance in our relationships) and Venus moving into Gemini (which is all about seeing the funny side of love).

Mercury is also up to mischief again, heading into Taurus this week before turning retrograde on April 22.

If the madness is all too much, try to remember that Taurus season is on its way. Expect guilt-free indulgence and straightforward communications – no ambiguity welcome when it comes to this fixed Earth sign.

Ahead you’ll find your star sign’s tarot horoscope for the month of April, with three tarot cards drawn and their meaning for you explained.


March 21 to April 20

Don’t forget to show yourself compassion (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Aries for April: Six of Coins, Four of Swords, Eight of Swords

Meaning: Be Kind

Aries, be kind to others but, most importantly, yourself. The Six of Coins is in town and is the good karma ambassador, suggesting that whatever credit you put into your good karma account right now will be heavily repaid in goodies down the line. It’s nice to be nice!

But how do I be kind to myself, I hear you ask. I know. Easier said than done, right? Well, the Four of Swords shows you need regular, non-negotiable time out and deep rest. A good sleep schedule. Time to chill and daydream and potter. Some nice massage or aromatherapy or spa time, too!

The Eight of Swords asks you to quell your inner judge/critic. If that voice starts up, go read a book, listen to music, or work out. Don’t let that voice win. Fight back.

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April 21 to May 21

Get that thinking cap on, Taurus (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Taurus for April: The Magician, Five of Cups, Queen of Wands

Meaning: Reinvent Something

You can repurpose and redesign an old disappointment or failed endeavour right now, the timing is right to revisit this, and you’ll get lucky this time around.

The Five of Cups asks you to take a walk down Memory Lane and look for something you still want, could maybe reactivate, and might just work this time. The Queen of Wands shows you being proactive and taking the initiative. This won’t reanimate by itself, you will have to breathe life back into it. And it does mean taking a chance, a risk, a bold leap. But that is what life is anyway, right?

The Magician gives you all the creativity, magic, innovation, and inventiveness you need. Think out of the box. Redesign this thing to play to your talents. Use your imagination. Wow, this could be amazing!

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May 22 to June 21

Big things are on the horizon (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Gemini for April: The Hermit, The Fool, Ace of Wands

Meaning: New Beginnings

A magical, wonderful, life-changing new beginning is heading your way. Oh yes indeed. The Fool and the Ace of Wands are both new beginning, clean slate, fresh start vibes and ones filled with optimism and enthusiasm. Possible themes include travel, lifestyle, education, creativity, and friendship. Maybe all of the above!

It’s true that one new thing often sets off a chain reaction of renewal across your whole life and if that occurs then be welcoming and positive, it needed to happen.

The Hermit shows you need to do some research here too though. Get your ducks lined up. Answer unanswered questions. Do the homework that will put you in the right starting position, and then set off with high hopes. You are on your way to a new life!   

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June 22 to July 23

You don’t always have to be the cautious one (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Cancer for April: Knight of Wands, Four of Coins, The Devil

Meaning: Switch It Up

Time to let that inner daredevil out, Cancer! You know the one. You do like to play it safe mostly, and crave security and certainty, but every now and again, well, it gets boring.

The Devil sees you throwing off your cautious cloak and flying in the face of what everyone else thinks you ought to do. To heck with that! The Four of Coins shows you’re bored, you need new news, you crave a fresh scene and different people around you. Go branch out. Go seek a new landscape. Go meet different folk. Go have fun. Life is for living, not just doing the same old thing all of the time.

The Knight of Wands brings excitement and adventure to proceedings. It’s time to be carefree, to travel, to start new things, to reach out to others who are in the same mood and head out to a new horizon. Honestly, anything is possible this April. Make it different to March. Be different!

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July 24 to August 23

Angling for a promotion? It’s the right to pounce little lion (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Leo for April: Four of Wands, Ace of Coins, Ace of Swords

Meaning: Promotion

Promotion, advancement, progress, and improvement. All are on the cards for you this April, Leo, and the only ask of you is that you’re totally honest about yourself, your opportunity, and the sacrifices you’re willing and able to make to get there. Don’t let FOMO take over or bite off more than you can feasibly chew!

The Four of Wands sees you looking to earn more, live better, step up in all material areas of life. Better job, wage, security, home, location. The Ace of Swords is a brutally honest card so be clear-eyed about your opportunity and ability. What IS the next step for you? And the Ace of Coins asks you to phase your actions appropriately.

Don’t think it all has to happen overnight, this could actually be a year-long project. It needs your attention and it needs to be planned properly. Get to it.

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August 24 to September 23

It’s nesting time for you (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Virgo for April: King of Coins, The Empress, Two of Coins

Meaning: Happy Home

You are looking to make your home life as beautiful and peaceful and fulfilling as possible, for everyone, this April. The Empress sees you in full nurturing, protecting, caring mode. You are amplifying the love, tackling the trickies, enhancing the pleasure and fun, and making everything feel safe, cosy, and vibrant. Home is where your heart is.

The King of Coins brings inventive ways and means to do all of this without breaking any banks or hurting your wallet. Sometimes the best things in life are free. Some elbow grease and teamwork never cost anything.

The Two of Coins urges you to think big, do it all, take on everything that you want to change or upgrade in your home and tackle it. It will all create a halo effect that makes the sum of parts feel so much more than that. Spring clean is on.

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September 24 to October 23

Ready to spring clean your life? (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Libra for April: Seven of Wands, Two of Coins, Ten of Swords

Meaning: Make Some Changes

A busy month ahead, are you ready? Seven of Wands sees you fighting your corner, sticking up for yourself, defending a position, being in the mix and coming out on top. I know you love your diplomacy, but sometimes you have to show your tough side and push back.

The Ten of Swords sees you making some cuts, prioritising, focusing. Not everything on your plate deserves its place. Some stuff is outdated, or dull, or unrewarding, or not really your responsibility. Clear those decks, this is important because new energy and opportunity is waiting in the wings. The Two of Coins shows you can have it all, you can be abundant and full of good fortune, but you need to streamline and remove dead weight, and you need to really be overt and pro active about what you want.

Shifting a few things around is going to revolutionise your lifestyle and sense of energy and vitality. The more you do, the more you can do… but first, figure out what is important and get rid of what isn’t.

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October 24 to November 22

Scorpio, it’s okay to be be proud of how far you’ve come (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Scorpio for April: Strength, King of Swords, Five of Coins

Meaning: Revisit The Wound

You are not scared or fazed by anything or anyone, Scorpio, and that courage is required this April to revisit a wound that once hurt you a great deal (but has now partially healed). The Five of Coins shows this is something that might be quite a time ago, but it still has echoes and triggers, and you still are affected by it.

The King of Swords sees you revisiting it more dispassionately this month, extracting a new perspective, life lesson, silver lining or appreciation of how it’s made you who you are. Hardships shape you. Challenge changes you. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Strength reveals this event had brought you resilience, wisdom, fortitude, and compassion. Look back and acknowledge this. See the growth, the shift, the progress. You have come a very long way. Realise, know, and believe this and you can summon new levels and powers of confidence and strength.

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November 23 to December 21

Drink in those new experiences (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Sagittarius for April: Knight of Wands, Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Wands

Meaning: Exciting Times

A trio of exciting, life-affirming, adventurous cards for you this April, Sagittarius, which is just how you like it, thank you very much.

The Knight of Wands sees you striking out, doing your own thing, being spontaneous and risky. You want to see more, do more, get more, and be more! Reinforced by the transformative Wheel of Fortune. Wow, you are going to go on a roll. One change will lead to another. One action will open up a new raft of further options and potential actions.

The Ace of Wands sees all of this activated by a new lifestyle change, educational project, creative pitch, or travel idea. You are being proactive and taking on things which inspire and interest you. After all, life is short and you’re here to experience everything. You are feeling full of vitality!

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December 22 to January 21

There’s a devil on your shoulder this April, Cap (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Capricorn for April: Ten of Cups, Queen of Wands, The Devil

Meaning: Tempting Romances

You are considering embarking upon a tempting, possibly illicit romance. Crikey, it’s all going on! Don’t panic, Cap, if this doesn’t ring true then it could be a creative or imaginative project that stirs you emotionally and passionately, but will take away from your current role or responsibilities.

The Ten of Cups shows your heart beating faster and you falling deeply. The Devil shows it’s irresistible and tempting, and possibly not entirely in line with your higher self, your current status quo, or what you thought you were prioritising or focusing on. It’s a head vs heart tussle, it’s a conundrum, it’s a decision you need to take consciously because otherwise you could end up drifting down a path of least resistance and encountering consequences you don’t much like.

The Queen of Wands urges you to face this temptation head on and make your decision with your eyes open. Do what thou wilt!

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January 22 to February 19

You’ve never been one to follow the crowd (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Aquarius for April: Queen of Swords, Nine of Coins, Ace of Swords

Meaning: Pursue Your Authentic Ambitions

It’s easy to end up playing to someone else’s priorities or agenda, because decisive and confident people with a plan are easy to follow. You’ve been doing that for a little while but you’re awake again now and, this April, you’re setting up your own course!

The Ace and Queen of Swords sees you being totally honest, creating your own goals and game plan, and cutting right to the authentic heart of what you truly want. Some people might not like this, they might have preferred you to stay on their side, doing their bidding. But you are a true free spirit. You are not playing anyone else’s games.

The Nine of Coins sees you refocusing on the material things in your world that you can control – your health, wealth, work, and home. This is what you want to work on. This is where you’re at. Power to you, Aquarius.

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February 20 to March 20

A fresh perspective can help you through tough times (Picture: Getty/

Tarot cards for Pisces for April: The Hanged Man, Eight of Wands, Five of Cups

Meaning: Talk About It

Pisces, talk about it, get it all off your chest, seek advice, feedback, input, and counsel. The Hanged Man shows you’ve been circling and spiralling in your own mind, and you’ve kind of hit a brick wall. You need an outside, external, and alternative perspective.

The Five of Cups warns that you might be tempted to dip into a self-pity party and dwell on the problem, the obstacles, the worries. Don’t do that! The Eight of Wands urges you to communicate and express yourself. You are not alone. You are not facing anything that hasn’t been faced before and others can help steer you through it. Even just being heard and empathised with will make a difference.

You want to be understood, I hear you. Sometimes you need to hunker down and focus on your own actions. Sometimes you need to come up for air and find out what others think, feel, or advise. You will feel better, I promise.

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