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WWE Wrestlemania 39 Betting Odds Are Available to Fans in the United States

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Cody Rhodes is Heavily Favored Against Roman Reigns in the WWE Universal Championship Match

LOS ANGELES, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BetOnline.ag, a sports betting, poker and casino website that has been in operation for more than 25 years, has set odds for a number of WWE Wrestlemania 39 outcomes ahead of the company’s flagship event, which takes place Saturday night in Los Angeles. 

For the WWE Universal Championship main event, Cody Rhodes is currently a -450 favorite versus Roman Reigns, who is a +275 underdog, at BetOnline.

The above odds imply an 81.8% probability that Rhodes will defeat Reigns and wrangle the title belt from pro wrestling’s longest tenured champion.

(NOTE: Odds are subject to change and current Wrestlemania odds can be found here)

The possibility of gambling on wrestling made headlines in early March after reports surfaced that the WWE was speaking to gaming regulators with the hope that states would allow wagering on high-profile events, despite the fact that the events are scripted.

A representative from the Colorado Division of Gaming told the media that they will not ever consider offering WWE odds at the state’s sportsbooks as there is currently a statute in place that prohibits wagers on events with either fixed or predicted outcomes. 

Adam Greenblatt, CEO of one of the country’s largest gaming companies, replied “NFW!” at an industry conference when asked if he would be interested in allowing WWE wagers at his casino (NFW stands for “no f—-ing way”).

While many entities appear hesitant to allow betting on scripted events that could lead to revenue dilution, BetOnline.ag has been offering WWE and other pro wrestling odds since 2011.  

“WWE betting is incredibly popular among our U.S. customers, especially since we started offering it on a weekly basis over the last few years” Adam Burns, Sportsbook Manager at BetOnline, said. “Like any entertainment event where you have people who already know the outcome, we have to limit the amount of money a customer can wager on each match. But the sheer volume we take in terms of wrestling bets would surprise a lot of people.”

BetOnline goes beyond gambling on just the matches for a marquee event like Wrestlemania. This week, clients can bet on surprise appearances from free agent wrestlers, how many title changes there will be throughout the night or whether or not Vince McMahon will make an appearance (the odds strongly suggest he won’t). 

“We certainly don’t know who is going to win these matches so it’s not like the house has an ‘edge’ when setting the odds,” Burns added. “We have oddsmakers that are incredibly passionate about pro wrestling, just like millions of fans are, and they do their best to handicap the matches based on their years of knowledge, but no one really knows except the organizers.”

Along with WWE and NXT events, BetOnline has expanded to offering odds for Ring of Honor (ROH) and IMPACT Wrestling on a weekly basis. 

And to further broaden its wrestling content ahead of Wrestlemania 39, BetOnline created an infomap that displays each state’s rooting interest for the WWE Universal Championship main event between Rhodes and Reigns. 

The map was created by using geotagged tweets from the past 30 days, tracking hashtags for each wrestler in every state, such as #TribalChiefs (Reigns) and #AmericanNightmare (Rhodes). 

Nearly 200,000 tweets were included in the dataset, and Rhodes came out on top with 31 states rooting for him while 19 states are hoping for a Reigns victory. The infomap can be viewed and downloaded for distribution on this page.


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