Sunday, December 3, 2023

W’sport fire seeks HVAC repairs for headquarters

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The Williamsport Bureau of Fire headquarters on Walnut Street needs some maintenance done to it while there are available funds through the American Rescue Plan.

Fire Chief Sam Aungst said he is going to be seeking a quote from R&J Ertel on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system on the station roof.

“We have $30,000 budgeted for it,” he told the city public safety committee.

Additionally, a driveway that was replaced seven to eight years ago is showing wear with dropping, settling and pushing, he said.

Furthermore, some cracks have been noticed on the northwest wall block, and some drainage issues are present that include a drain that is compacted with cement.

Aungst said the plan is to see what is available in the American Rescue Plan fund.

“We have no money to do this,” said councilwoman Bonnie Katz, who noted how these repairs and replacements need to get done and must be done within the next two years, while the city is able to spend its share of the ARPA funds.

The city share was $25.4 million as part of the national relief caused by the COVID-19 pandemic impact.

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