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Why you should workout with an exercise ball

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We all have our own routines when it comes to fitness. While being consistent is the key, variety helps you stay committed. One such pertinent routine that you should incorporate is working out with an exercise ball. Exercise balls, sometimes referred to as stability balls, are a popular type of exercise equipment used in home training programmes, gyms, and rehabilitation facilities. “Numerous advantages are provided by its huge inflated shape, which enhances strength, balance, flexibility, and stability,” said Dr Akhilesh Yadav, associate director, orthopaedics and joint replacement, Max Hospital Vaishali.

Exercise balls, experts suggest, help your core. Fitness expert Garima Goyal shared that prominent weak core signs include persistent lower back pain, poor posture, and difficulty balancing. “Muscle imbalances, limited range of motion, and fatigue during core exercises are common. Daily tasks may cause discomfort, indicating a weakened core,” said Goyal in an eralier interaction.

Recognising these signs and incorporating core-strengthening exercises into your routine can improve stability, reduce pain, and overall better the body’s functionality.

So, how does exercise ball help?

Core strengthening is achieved by using core muscles, such as the lower back, obliques, and abdominals, to keep balance while performing activities.

According to Dr Yadav, exercise ball helps

– Recover from injuries, sports, and senior citizens by improving balance and stability.

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– Increase flexibility as it helps enabling a wider range of motion during stretching and exercise, it helps to increase flexibility in the shoulders, hips, and spine.

– Engages multiple muscle groups beyond the core, providing a comprehensive workout for arms, legs, and stabilising muscles.

“It is advantageous for rehabilitation, supporting the healing process and enhancing joint stability and mobility; additionally, it acts as a therapeutic to strengthen muscles and lower the likelihood of recurrent injuries,” said Dr Yadav.

Fitness expert Rishabh Telang demonstrated two movements including dead bugs using exercise ball.

“These two movements with the exercise ball will help you strengthen your core and potentially fix your back pain. Make sure you do 10-12 reps each side x 3 rounds, about twice a week. I can guarantee you will feel so much better if you incorporate such movements in your training,” said Telang.

Exercise ball is in fact a great equipment to keep at home, there is so much you can do with it and challenge the muscles in a way you can’t usually do with other equipment, he added.

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