Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Top Tech News Today: Outlook Lite Gets New Features, SMS Support For Indian Users, Joe Biden, K

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Outlook Lite Gets New Features, SMS Support For Indian Users

Microsoft unveiled a set of fresh features for Outlook Lite, complemented by the introduction of SMS support specifically tailored for users in India. The noteworthy update extends its inclusivity by incorporating support for various Indian regional languages, thereby empowering users to engage in more effective communication. Outlook Lite’s commitment to meeting the diverse linguistic needs of its Indian user base is evident through the integration of advanced features. These include voice typing, transliteration, and the capability to read emails in regional languages. The goal is to streamline the email composition and reading process, ensuring that users can effortlessly engage with their emails in the language of their preference, fostering a more personalized and user-friendly experience, as emphasized by the company.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Now On Threads

Celebrating his 81st birthday, US President Joe Biden made his debut on Instagram Threads. Expressing his optimism about the future of America, he said: “I see an America about to take off.” Biden emphasized that his message to the people remains unchanged in his inaugural post on the Mark Zuckerberg-run platform posted late on Monday. Kamala Harris, US Vice President, also joined Instagram Threads, saying she looked forward to connecting with people on a new platform.

Salesforce CEO Offers Jobs To OpenAI Employees 

Following the sacking of CEO Sam Altman and CTO Greg Brockman from OpenAI, there is a sense of demotivation among several employees. Expressing their discontent, 505 out of the 700 employees have issued a collective ultimatum, threatening to resign unless Altman is reinstated. Seizing the opportunity, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has actively invited those contemplating leaving OpenAI to submit their resumes, indicating his interest in potentially onboarding them at the company.

Google, Spotify Had A Secret Deal That Let The Latter Completely Avoid Play Store Fees

In the ongoing Epic vs. Google trial, a testimony from Google’s head of global partnerships, Don Harrison confirmed that Spotify was subject to a unique commission structure, the media has reported. While on the witness stand, Harrison verified that Spotify paid 0 commission when users opted to purchase subscriptions through its proprietary payment system. However, if users selected Google as their payment processor, Spotify agreed to pay a reduced commission of 4 per cent, which is a substantial decrease from Google’s typical 15 per cent fee for such transactions, says a report by The Verge.

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OnePlus AI Music Studio Lets Users Generate Audio And Video Via Text Prompts

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is taking over our lives at high speed, changing many aspects, and smartphone maker OnePlus is the latest to launch OnePlus AI Music Studio for users globally and in India. It will let users create songs via text prompts The company describes the OnePlus AI Music Studio as a community-first innovation that aims to redefine the landscape of creative expression, empowering users to compose AI-generated music videos.

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