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This Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Potato Dish — Did It Get Yours Right?

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A world without potatoes is a world we’d never dream of living in. Not now… not in a million years! Can you even imagine how different Thanksgiving would be if they didn’t exist? All of the best Thanksgiving menus incorporate potatoes in some way, shape, or form.

Even just the brief thought of our favorite potato recipes can instantly make us drool. (There is never a bad time for Ree’s mouthwatering crash hot potatoes or her creamy mashed potatoes that she once said will “change your life!”) All this potato talk makes us realize just how popular they are, especially on Thanksgiving. Google must have had the same thought, because the search engine just released an official map of America’s top Thanksgiving potato dishes in every state!

If you’re wondering how they would even know this, here’s a brief breakdown! Google has collected data, revealing what the “most searched” Thanksgiving potato dishes were in each given state for 2023—more specifically, in the past month. The whole thing is pretty fascinating—and honestly, somewhat eye-opening! 😂

Google Trends

Take a good look, and soak it all in. Glancing over at the state you live in, do you feel like you are being accurately represented? Listen, someone’s favorite potato dish can really say a lot about them—so we’d imagine you’d want your state to back you up, too!

The map is divided into five categories of potato recipes. Now, these are more of a generalization based on the type of dish—but we’ll definitely get more specific. In order of the most searched style, the list goes:

  1. Soup
  2. Baked
  3. Au gratin
  4. Mashed or smashed
  5. Other

Looking at this map, we’re presented with some pretty diverse potato soup variations—which saw this as a hot commodity for Oklahoma (aka, where Ree calls home)! Our Oregon and Rhode Island pals were busy looking up “leek and potato soup” while those in Indiana seemed to be interested in a creamy potato burger soup this year. Lots of states—like Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana—searched up general baked potato recipes, but Connecticut took it a step further, searching for a twice baked potato recipe more than anything else.

Tons of states love cheese on their potatoes, with Hawaii, Montana, Illinois, and others looking up au gratin potato dish recipes. Fewer states looked up mashed potato recipes, but we did find it interesting that Georgia’s attention was geared towards a colcannon potato dish. Some honorable mentions in the “other” category include Potatoes O’Brien, highly searched by state of Arizona, and fingerling potatoes, sought after by Colorado.

So, there you have it! These are the most searched Thanksgiving potato dishes in each state this year. Did any of these surprise you? Or better yet, will you make one for your Thanksgiving sides? You can use this information to surprise your family and friends at your Thanksgiving get-togethers this year!

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