Sunday, February 25, 2024

The tech that some of the Best Mortgage Companies To Work For value most

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With traditional originations more difficult to come by, loan officers are most appreciative of the tools that can help them compete for customers, but there are nuances to this.

One piece of tech that currently tends to satisfy the average employee the most in this realm is Mortgage Coach, a type of software that aims to help loan officers present personalized loan comparisons to borrowers, said Michael Brown, a senior LO at Churchill Mortgage.

However, employee preferences can vary by generation, Brown said, noting that as an industry veteran, he finds MBS Highway to be particularly helpful. It’s a software product that helps him explain the mortgage-backed securities trends driving rates to clients.

“It provides you with deeper dives to educate borrowers, and what borrowers remember is education,” said Brown, noting that he has had to demonstrate the value of this to his team.

Meanwhile, having support for originators on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram has become essential to reaching younger generations.

“To have a social media presence is a must,” Brown said, noting that Churchill Mortgage found hiring an expert to manage it proved the most efficient and effective way to handle oversight.

“I get a lot of engagement from clients through the posts that he makes and the things that have been put online, and so I see the value of it. It’s helped our brand and our business go forward,” Brown said.

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