Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tech news of the week: Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ iPad launch event, WhatsApp’s India exit stance on encryption row, and more

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Tech News of the Week in India: It’s been more than a year since Apple announced any new iPads. The company, during its next launch event ‘Let Loose’ on May 7, is likely to announce next-generation iPads, accessories, and a new Apple Pencil. 

WhatsApp stated that it won’t break end-to-end encryption and violate user privacy. If the new Indian legislation forces the company to break the encryption, the platform said it might cease to operate in India.

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    Apple ‘Let Loose’ launch event

    Apple’s next launch event—Let Loose—is scheduled for May 7. The company is likely to announce next-generation iPad Air and iPad Pro models along with an array of first-party accessories, including new Magic Keyboard, new Apple Pencil and more.

    The upcoming iPad Pro is speculated to include an OLED display, making it the first iPad to do so, and it is also touted to be one of the most capable iPads. It will be powered by the M3 chip, the processor that powers the recently unveiled MacBook Air models.

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    “If we are told to break encryption, then WhatsApp goes”: WhatsApp to Delhi Court

    Tejas Karia, a lawyer for WhatsApp has recently suggested to the Delhi High Court that, “As a platform, we are saying, if we are told to break encryption, then WhatsApp goes,” with regards to the new Indian law that requires companies to comply with the government to help identify the origin of a message or a post.

    Right now, WhatsApp has taken a clear stand that breaking encryption will violate user privacy and end-to-end encryption is essential, while the Delhi HC is suggesting that, “Privacy rights are not absolute” and “Somewhere, balance has to be done”. The further hearing on this case has been postponed until late August 2024.

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    Meta launches Llama 3

    Meta has announced its most capable large language model – Llama 3, which is also the most capable “open” AI model to date. The company is releasing Llama 3 in two variants—an 8 billion parameter model and a 70 billion parameter model—and the company will be using these models to power some of the AI experiences across Meta platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Meta smart glasses.

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    Gemini AI expands to more Android devices

    Gemini AI is finally available on more Android smartphones than ever. The generative-AI model from Google can replace the Google Assistant on Android smartphones and offers features like text generation, image generation, and real-time answers to user queries. Unlike the free version of ChatGPT, Gemini AI can access the Internet. It is also available for iPhone users via the Google app.


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