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Sun signs in love: Sagittarius women as lovers

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Anyone who knows a Sagittarian knows how accommodating and people-pleasing they tend to be. But can they hold their own at times or is their sweetness their weakest point? Read along to find out if Sagittarian women are the one for you.

Read along to find out if Sagittarian women are the one for you.(Photo by Shaira Dela Peña on Unsplash)

Her character: They are like sunshine. They spread happiness anywhere they go and radiate positive energy. Pretty adventurous in life, and they will make sure it isn’t boring for anyone around them. However, this giving nature of theirs does get them in trouble at times, they wouldn’t change themselves for anyone.

As a lover: They will try to be yours in every way possible. They are the most giving lovers of them all. They will make sure to provide time to your relationship and have you know how special you are to them. They will never shy away from leading and getting what they want. When with a Sagittarius woman be ready to swoon off your feet.

How to date her: Make sure she knows she is the only one for you. They value loyalty like no one else. Communicate. They would never like for things to keep festering between the two of you, so if there is anything that is on your mind share it with them. Make sure you take the time to understand things from their perspective because at times they might have put themselves in tough situations.

The perfect date for her: Sagittarius women like physical touch. Therefore, when planning a date for them, make sure you keep them close to yourselves. A cosy date at an aesthetic cafe with you both slow dancing with each other will give them all the feels. Make sure to buy flowers for them as they will love it for sure.

Compatible signs: A fiery couple for sure. Aries and Sagittarius make an amazing couple that will light up together. With both being easygoing and adventurous their lives will be nothing short of a movie. Leos as well will gel well with Sagittarius women. With Leos wanting to lead the way and grab all the attention, Sagittarius women will be happy with their own side of the world.

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