Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Russia Hits Kyiv Infrastructure in 2nd Night of Drone Strikes

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An unspecified “infrastructure target” in the Kyiv region was damaged by Russian drones in a second night of stepped-up air attacks by Kremlin forces. 

Ukraine’s air defense said it shot down 15 of 20 Shaheed drones launched from Kursk in southern Russia on the nation’s northern and central regions, including the capital. Air alerts sounded for several hours. No injuries were immediately reported.   

The latest strikes followed drone attacks and artillery shelling on Friday night that damaged energy facilities in Ukraine’s south and east, with power cut off to thousands of households.  

Some 2,000 consumers lost electricity after the power grid was damaged in the Odesa region, the power producer DTEK said on Telegram. Drone strikes also damaged an oil depot in the region, the energy ministry said on Facebook.

😡 As a result of tonight’s Russian drone attack, a fire erupted at an energy infrastructure facility in Odesa, leading to the disruption of electricity for approximately 2000 households.

📷: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

— UNITED24media (@United24media) November 18, 2023

In the Zaporizhzhia region, 63 settlements lost power on Saturday following shelling, according to the ministry, while in the eastern Donetsk region damages from Russian artillery attacks caused power cuts to almost 21,000 consumers.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Thursday that Ukraine anticipates more strikes on energy targets this winter but is better prepared than a year ago.

At this time a year ago Russian forces were well into a relentless, months-long campaign targeting Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and residential buildings as well as energy facilities. With the national power grid crippled at times, rolling blackouts became a fixture of daily life in the capital, Kyiv, and beyond.  

Ukrainian energy companies spent millions of dollars to repair the power system last winter, including generators, transmission facilities and other equipment.   

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