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Retailer in Pennsylvania Scrambles to Keep Doors Open with Employee Bonus Incentives | Ash Jurberg | NewsBreak Original

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Bed Bath and Beyond is struggling to keep staff leaving before their store closes and has been forced to offer bonuses.

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Pennsylvania’s retail industry faces enormous challenges as chains continue to announce store closures. Major chains are closing their stores across the state as their customers move to online shopping.

Now they are facing another issue- staff quitting before the store closes.

Let’s take a look at this developing story.

Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Pennsylvania closing in 2023

Bed Bath and Beyond announced 416 of its stores in the United States would close in 2023 due to financial issues.

Twelve of these are in Pennsylvania and include the stores below:

  • Wynnewood: 70 E. Wynnewood Blvd.
  • Erie: 6720 Peach St., Suite A
  • Altoona: 197 Falon Lane
  • Stowe: 170 Upland Square Drive
  • Bethel Park: 1700 Oxford Dr.
  • North Wales: 1261 Knapp Rd.
  • Pittsburgh: 160 Quinn Drive
  • Monroeville: 3739 William Penn Highway
  • King of Prussia: 224 W. DeKalb Pike
  • Wyomissing: 2771 Paper Mill Road Space D
  • Cranberry: 20111 Route 19
  • Mechanicsburg: 6416 Carlisle Pike Suite 2500

No closing date for the stores was announced, which has led to uncertainty for staff who will be losing their jobs.

Staff pay

There has been little incentive for staff to continue to work at one of the stores set to close, as Bed Bath & Beyond is not offering severance payments. Therefore staff in many stores quit before their store’s liquidation process was complete.

To try and combat this move, Bed Bath and Beyond are now offering bonuses for staff who stay with the stores until they officially close for good.

The bonuses are reputed to be:

  • $500 for hourly workers
  • $1,000 for supervisors
  • $1,750 for assistant managers
  • $2,250 for store managers

One Bed Bath and Beyond employee in Pennsylvania told Insider:

I don’t think it was out of the goodness of their heart. They were losing a lot of people.”

However, it remains to be seen whether these new bonus payments will be enough to incentivize staff to stay or if they will continue to quit to find new jobs.

For the latest list of all stores closing in Pennsylvania, please check out this article. To keep up to date with the latest retail and business developments, make sure to follow me.

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Should workers who lose their job due to store closures be given bonuses? Do you believe Bed Bath and Beyond made a wrong decision by not offering severance payments? Are you concerned about the number of retail stores closing in Pennsylvania? Should the government provide financial support for struggling retail businesses or laid-off workers?

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