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Rats! Family Dollar Store in Maine Closes Due to Rodent Problem | Ash Jurberg | NewsBreak Original

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The Family Dollar in Westbrook, Maine, is currently closed to customers due to a problem with rats.

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The retail industry is facing a lot of challenges at the moment. Labor shortages, customers moving to online shopping…and rats.

The Family Dollar in Westbrook, Maine, is currently closed to customers due to a pest issue.

The Family Dollar building was posted as such due to a pest issue. Once the situation is addressed, the operations could then resume…The pest is rodents, and just to clarify, the issue is specific to the Family Dollar leased space that is temporarily closed to the public.” Jennie Franceschi, director of planning and code enforcement in Westbrook

A post on Facebook by Mery Simonds, who stated she was the manager of the store, said:

“Just wanted to officially let the public know the Westbrook Family Dollar is closed until further notice. … No, there is no current re-open date. There’s many repairs that need to be done and cleaning before we can open our doors again.”

This is not the first time Family Dollar has had to close stores due to rodents.

In February 2022, Family Dollar temporarily closed more than 400 stores throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. While most of these stores eventually reopened, one store in West Memphis closed permanently due to rat infestation.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to the Westbrook store.

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