Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Proxymity Vote Connect introduced by HSBC in Australia

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Proxymity has collaborated with HSBC to introduce its Proxymity Vote Connect Total product in Australia.

HSBC Australia’s clients will experience near real-time ballots, improved market deadlines and instant delivery of votes in relation to shareholder meetings.

Dean Little, co-founder and CEO at Proxymity, explains: “With more shareholders gaining access to Proxymity’s proven technologies in Australia, we continue to pave the way for truly digital, real-time communication throughout the entire ecosystem.”

Investors will experience increased efficiency as well as immediate and verifiable proof that their votes have been cast at the meeting, Proxymity say.

Fiona Horsewill, global head of securities services at HSBC, says: “HSBC is committed to improving standards of efficiency and integrity in investor communications. We are pleased to deploy Proxymity’s product to enhance the overall investor experience for our clients.”

Australia becomes the first market in which HSBC has deployed the proxy voting solution. The bank is expected to deploy the solution in future markets in Asia-Pacific and Europe in the future.

HSBC Ventures, the bank’s emerging technology investment arm, is a strategic investor in Proxymity.

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