Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Paphos harbour businesses struggle amid ineffective infrastructure

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Business owners in the Paphos harbour are grappling with the aftermath of severe weather conditions over the weekend.

Many aspects of the ongoing redevelopment projects in the showcase of Cypriot tourism have been deemed below average, resulting in damage for local businesses during the heavy rainfall, primarily on Saturday evening.

Criticism from business owners in the terrestrial area of the picturesque harbor is focused on the unified roof installed along the entire promenade.

According to reports, the roof, as described to Phileleftheros yesterday, was leaking from various points.

As a result, recreational centers could not utilize the majority of their seating, as they were exposed to rainwater penetrating the structure.

Serious pending issues, they claimed, also include the absence of protective materials on the front and sides of the unified roof, a matter the municipal authorities need to address.

During periods of intense sunshine, customers suffer, as the sun penetrates the roofed area. When heavy rain and strong winds, such as in the last 48 hours, occur, there is no protection for customers.

“It is not enough for the Paphos Municipality to merely state prohibitions; they must be capable of implementing solutions,” emphasized business owners

They stressed that Paphos Harbour should not shut down at the first sign of adverse weather conditions.

Local business owners stated that because of the already documented deficiencies and shortcomings, they intend to close during the winter period. The current situation, as it stands, will not allow them to operate profitably.

They also highlighted a characteristic of the hasty work in the area, stating that businesses were not even allowed to place a small sign with the name of each restaurant or café.

As a result, they explained, incidents occur where customers enter a dining establishment only to realize afterward that it is not the one they intended to visit.

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