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‘NRA committed to improving country’s road infrastructure’

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“The NRA is working tremendously in repairing, building and modernising our roads to be standard nationwide. These are the objectives of the government, the Ministry of Works and the NRA, thus we are working towards achieving these desired goals,” he said on Tuesday during a courtesy-call made by the Sumpouduhateh Association.

Sumpouduhateh is the biggest Sarahulleh association in the country and was established over 30 years ago with the objectives of empowering its peoples, addressing issues affecting them and also issues affecting others in the country. The association over the years has been credited for addressing problems within themselves, the Badibunkas and the Kiangkas.

The visit, according to them, was meant to express their gratitude to the NRA management for their efforts in constructing over 1.2-kilometres of road at Jambur near the Alh Mary Jagana Islamic Boarding School.

The new road according to NRA officials is also meant to address the challenges inhabitants of the area encounter in accessing the new boarding school, which upon completion, is expected to accommodate over four thousand students.

The NRA deputy managing director who was speaking at the convergence, underscored the significance of the event, saying: “Your visit meant a lot to us as an institution. I can assure you all that we will continue on our mandate in improving the country’s road network by providing easy access for communities among others. Your visit has also clearly demonstrated that you have appreciated the quality work we do.” 

“The association has now evolved by participating on issues of nation building. The association is not only addressing Sarahulleh issues, but also communal issues at large. They have engaged in helping different communities like the Badibunkas communities, the Kiangkas among others. They have done a lot in The Gambia by promoting Islamic education among others,” he postulated.

“We intervened in so many places in the country like Nema-Kunku, Amsterdam and Farato. These interventions have changed the lives of these beneficiary communities. We understand that we have a lot of work to do because the country is big, but I can assure you all that we are working in the right direction.”

Ousman Drammeh, an Imam in one of the masjids in Dippa-Kunda, who led the delegation, said: “We came here to express our appreciation to you as an institution for the work you do. I can assure you that this will go a long way in addressing one of the challenges we were encountering and it will also help the community members to have easy access to the schools.”

“This is the first time an association or individual or group of people are coming to us in expressing satisfaction in the work we do for them. Therefore, this means a lot to us. We will continue to work effectively as building good roads is among our priorities,” George Jatta, NRA technical director said.

Muhammed Drammeh, Ebrima Jagana and Jafara Gumaneh all spoke at length on the good work done by the NRA.

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