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Norton has launched its Dark Web Monitoring feature in India. The capability is now available as part of Norton 360 Premium, Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 for Gamers plans.
Dark Web Monitoring enables Norton to proactively monitor and notify users if their personal information like email addresses, phone numbers, Aadhaar details, etc. are found being traded on the dark web. This empowers users to take timely actions like changing passwords or contacting institutions to prevent fraud.
Feature details
Actively searches the dark web to detect exposure of users’ registered personal data.
Alerts on dark web leaks to prevent fraud and theft.
Available under 360 Premium, Deluxe and Gamers plans at no extra cost
Auto-monitors email addresses; allows monitoring other info like credit cards
Timely protection against rising Indian dark web data leaks (815 million in 2023)
The feature allows monitoring of email addresses automatically, plus addition of sensitive information like insurance details, phone numbers, credit cards, etc. The email address linked to the Norton account automatically gets monitored and the new dashboard allows users to add the piece of information they want to monitor on the dark web. This includes up to five insurance account numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, and up to ten credit card numbers as well as gamer tags.
If data is found on the dark web, whether through forums or websites, a notification allows for direct action to be taken, including changing a password, or contacting a trusted service provider.
Dark Web Monitoring is now available in Norton 360 Premium, Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 for Gamers. Existing customers with an active subscription can now access Dark Web Monitoring for the remainder of their subscription at no extra cost through an automatic update. Also, the feature is available across all platforms including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Mac based on the selected plan.
What this means for online shoppers
With the new Dark Web Monitoring feature, Norton users can keep their necessary information safe and secure including email address, credit card information and even stay updated in case the data breach has been detected and act on it as soon as possible before something goes wrong.

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