Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Milwaukee teens host fashion show fundraiser to help buy prom tickets, outfits for other students

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — It’s supposed to be one of the best nights of your life — but at what cost?

According to a 2015 survey from Visa, it is around $600 on average for prom.

Now, some Milwaukee teenagers are trying to reduce that hefty price down to zero.

“It felt good to feel like you’re doing a big part in the community and it’s actually helping people my age, so it feels nice,” said junior Destiny Allen.

She’s one of 23 models who will be walking Saturday night in a fashion show at 7SEVENTY7.

The goal? To raise money for students who may not be able to afford outfits and tickets for prom.

“Not everybody gets the opportunity to go to prom, especially in a nice suit,” said senior Corey Thomas. “Suits can be very expensive along with shoes and everything.”

On Wednesday, a handful of the models dressed to the nines rehearsed in the apartment complex’s lobby.

“I feel like prom is a big part of high school and getting people that’s not necessarily able to go, to go, and actually feel confident going, feels nice to do,” Allen said.

Organizer Heather Perkins, who is also the co-founder of FashUp and founder of Ignite Change, both of which are running the event, said she works with the guidance departments at numerous Milwaukee schools to determine which students would benefit most from the donations.

“They all love the idea that it helps another student go to prom,” Perkins said.

On top of the fashion show fundraiser, teens are also selling light-up rings.

“10 years from now, I’m gonna be like, ‘remember I wore this suit to prom?'” Thomas said. 

Organizers also projected a video announcing the fundraiser on the side of 7SEVENTY7’s building Wednesday night, aiming to raise awareness about the cause.

The show will be at the penthouse building on Saturday, April 1.

You can purchase tickets here or you can donate online here

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