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Mike Matusow Poker Documentary Debuts May 26

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Poker fans have seen plenty of Mike Matusow at the poker tables through the years and now they have a chance to check out “The Mouth” on the silver screen.

Matusow, the new documentary about one of poker’s more interesting characters, debuts May 26 at South Point Casino in Las Vegas. The screening is followed by a celebrity poker game organized by Matt Stout, president and founder of the Charity Series of Poker.

“It feels great having the film finally getting to a place where we can almost say it’s finished,” the film’s director Frank Zarrillo told Card Player. “Part of a filmmaker’s job is constantly tweaking and watching the film over and over again. You have to do your best to get it right as you can where you feel an audience will appreciate the work.”

Pulling Back The Curtain

The South Point premiere allows for the first audience to see the film and caps a project that has taken several years to complete. Matusow spoke with Card Player in November about the film, and noted that the documentary followed the poker player in all aspects of life including the grind of playing tournament poker, while also focusing on the health issues he’s faced in recent years.

“The documentary means a lot to me because Frank and I put a lot of time into it,” he said. “It means a lot to me because whenever I show up at the WSOP, everybody always says, ‘Mike, how do you feel and how’s your back?’ Nobody really understands what I go through every day. I also want people to understand the grind of the series.”

The film is produced by Big F Pictures and should be released to streaming platforms in the coming weeks.

“I hope that the documentary sheds another light on Mike Matusow,” Zarrillo says. “We tried to be as honest as we could and showcase exactly what happened over the last few years. Once we show it, it’s up to the audience how it’s perceived. Hopefully we were able to effectively tell this story properly.”




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