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Michael Lee-Chin to headline ‘Realign Business’ conference | Loop Jamaica

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Jamaican-born billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin, will headline a stellar list of business leaders at the second staging of the Re-Align Business and Investment Conference, scheduled for July 23, 2024, at the AC Hotel Kingston.

Garfield Daley, founder and chairman of Entrepreneurial Partners (EP) and the event organiser, expresses his excitement to host another billionaire following the successful inaugural staging, which featured the wealthiest Jamaican woman, Dr Trisha Bailey.

“I am delighted to have Michael Lee-Chin join us for an amazing event to empower entrepreneurs and businesses with innovative and transformative strategies to pilot their businesses to success in a new and emerging era. He is a real-life story of strategic realignment for business success and has a wealth of knowledge to share,” said Daley.

Hosted under the theme “Removing the Barriers – Bringing Investors and Entrepreneurs Together,” Daley is confident that attendees are in for a treat. “We understand the important role of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in providing employment, driving wealth creation, and supporting national development,” said Daley, who believes the growth of SMEs will accelerate Jamaica’s push to become a higher-income country in the region.

Garfield Daley

“The conference challenges SMEs to focus on new innovative ideas, embrace new technologies, re-align strategies, and become learning and adaptable organizations that will thrive within the new, global business environment. Additionally, entrepreneurs will leave the conference armed with information to increase their productivity, reshape their strategic approach, rearrange their creative products and services to meet the changing demands of consumers locally and globally,” said Daley.

Lee-Chin amassed his fortune through astute investments in financial companies like National Commercial Bank Jamaica (NCB) and AIC Limited. Lee-Chin, who holds the majority stake in NCB, is set to share strategies and insights to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the ever-changing economic and business environment, positioning their businesses for collaborative partnerships and funding opportunities, and rising above the competition to ensure their businesses’ success ultimately contributing to national development.

“Realigning businesses and partnerships are essential for growth and development, particularly in today’s rapidly changing global economy. Businesses must continuously adapt to new market conditions, technological advancements, and evolving consumer preferences,” Lee-Chin shared.

Lee-Chin, who has steered NCB to become the number one bank in Jamaica, explains that his vision is to use NCB, dubbed the people’s bank, to build a better Jamaica.

the NCB chairman, who agrees that realignment in businesses is a necessary ingredient for growth, outlines the benefits to businesses.

“By realigning strategies and forging strong partnerships, companies can seize new opportunities, better mitigate risks, and enhance their competitive edge. This collaboration and strategic alignment enable businesses to pool resources, share knowledge, and drive innovation, ultimately leading to sustainable growth,” he added.

 Sharing the stage with Lee-Chin are pioneering businesswoman and philanthropist Thalia Lyn, managing director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Dr Marlene Street-Forest, and chairman and CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital David Mullings, among others. EP will also unveil its e-commerce platform, Cap Connect, which will bring investors and entrepreneurs together.

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