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May 13-May 19: Your weekly horoscope breakdown from Aries to Pisces – Times of India

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– Love: New relationships are on the cards for singles along with beautiful moments with the ones already in relationships
– Work: Rewards and appreciations are on the way
-Health : Focus on breathing techniques to have clarity
– Lucky number: 7
– Lucky colour: Green
– Love: sorting out old issues will prevent misunderstandings and make a better relationship .
Singles start investing in yourself to be ready for the next relationship
– Work: Stress will reduce and reward are on the way .
– Health: yoga alternate week will bring the back balance in life
– Lucky number: 1
– Lucky colour: Yellow
– Love: marriage is on the cards for some. Serious relationships are brewing .
– ⁠Work: take a break to bring the old strength back .
– Health: Take up a new hobby .
– Lucky number: 4
– Lucky colour: Black
– Love: communicate and trust your partner. Focus on meaningful relationships
– Work : get organised and maintain your routine
– Health: Start a sport with friends to bring lost motivation
– Lucky number: 1
– Lucky colour: Olive Green
– Love: It’s okay to forgive people and move on from situations and relationships. Don’t let anyone take you for granted
– Work: Connect with colleagues and support each other to grow together
– ⁠Health: Start socialising for better mental health.
– Lucky number: 9
– Lucky colour: Brown
– Love: Please take control of your anger or else you will lose important people in your life
– ⁠Work: You will meet someone influential, make the most of it
– Health: Sleep routine is very important for you to control your mood swings
– Lucky number: 3
– Lucky colour: Red
– Love: It’s okay to compromise in a relationship and adjust .
– ⁠Work: Appreciate new thoughts and unique ideas coming from colleagues
– Health: Start something promising and interesting
– Lucky number: 6
– Lucky colour: Pink
– Love: world is full of both good and not so good people . Don’t let your part experiences come in between
– Work: focus on weak points to make your work better
– ⁠Health: This week focus on healthy habits
– Lucky number: 2
– Lucky colour: Beige
– Love: Stay committed and loyal. New love interests are on the cards.
– ⁠Work: work hard to make the most of your strength .
– Health: Include salads and greens .
– Lucky number: 1
– Lucky colour: Purple
– Love: plan a vacation and deepen your bond. Self growth is most important
– ⁠Work: take help from seniors to perform better.
– Health: meditation will improve anxiety issues .
– Lucky number: 9
– Lucky colour: Lemon yellow
– Love: be a giver and give as much love as you can. This time karma will give you rewards
– Work: Dedication and will powder will take you to new heights
Health: Quit smoking and practice breathing exercises
– Lucky number: 5
– Lucky colour: Yellow
– Love: Bring the inner child out. Find happiness in small things.
– ⁠Work: hard work will give shining results.
– ⁠Health: Take Therapy for anxiety or depression.
– Lucky number: 2
– Lucky colour: Teal Blue
This article is written by Prasidhi Aneja – Celebrity Tarot, Psychic, Spiritual Healer & Life Coach.

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