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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 27

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Cathy Acker, an Aries.
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Between the start of a new astrological year, the Aries new moon, and lots of planets moving into new signs, the last couple weeks have been full of motion and change. This week should feel a bit less hectic. Other than the moon, which will move through Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, no planets will change signs, and there are still no retrogrades for another few weeks. This isn’t to say that nothing is happening, of course (the planets are in motion all the time, and so are you) only that you can expect a reprieve from the drama. Use this time to adjust to the new year and the new landscape around you, or to simply to bask in the promise of springtime.

You spend so much of your life in conflict, whether you’re fighting against oppressive structures, getting into intellectual disagreements with your friends, or just having petty disputes. This isn’t a bad thing — it means no one’s going to walk all over you. But when you’re always on high alert, it can be hard to notice those rare, lovely moments when everything aligns and your life is harmonious. This week, pay attention to everything that you have going for you: all the tools at your disposal, all the people on your side. Make the most of it, and don’t go seeking out fights just because you’re more comfortable with your back against a wall.

Every so often, it’s good to surprise people by acting in ways that seem out of character. You can be louder and wilder than usual, or wear different, brighter colors, or make bold moves that you’d normally be too shy to attempt. This isn’t about striving to change who you are deep down — there’s nothing wrong with you — but rather reminding yourself that your life and routines aren’t set in stone, as you sometimes imagine. It’s also a way to signal to others that they can’t take you for granted, that you still have some tricks up your sleeve.

You’re very clever. So clever it’s easy to imagine that there’s nothing your intellect can’t do. You may even believe that if you just think clearly enough, if you use your smarts, you can stay one step ahead of your messy, inconvenient feelings. But emotions don’t work that way. Even the brainiest human is still a human; this week, try to remember that. Be generous with yourself when your moods are chaotic, when they make no logical sense. Life gets so much easier when you stop trying to fight yourself.

When you’re anxious, it feels productive to pin the blame somewhere specific. Maybe there’s a particular person who’s stressing you out, or a drama at work that’s been weighing on you, or a major opportunity you’re waiting to hear about. Lately, though, your worries have been more diffuse, a response to the world in general. It’s difficult to plan for the future when you have no sense of what the world will look like tomorrow, let alone in ten years. This week, the key is to keep moving. Act bravely, and you’ll start to feel brave, too.

No matter how daring or committed or strategic you are, you can’t win every battle. You’re human, and sometimes the only way to maintain your sanity is to throw up your hands and make the best of things as they are. Not always, though. There are some values that will always be worth fighting for, even if your position seems hopeless, even if you’re in it for the principle of the matter alone. This week, give yourself permission to be stubborn. Don’t back down because other people are telling you to. Do what feels right to you.

Some people are willing to put their faith in luck and in their ability to defy the odds. You tend to be a bit more realistic. You’re not one to imagine that the rules don’t apply to you, or that the universe will grant you special treatment. Even so, this week is a good time to bet on yourself, to take the long shot that might not work out. Just because there’s risk involved, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Who knows? You might be surprised. At least give yourself the chance.

Lately, you’ve been getting in your own way more than usual. You’ve been using the power of your intellect to poke holes in your self-confidence, to come up with fresh reasons to hate yourself. It’s easy to think poorly of yourself when you set your mind to it, but this week, it’s (past) time to stop. The universe is giving you a chance to renew your self belief, to love yourself without apology, to declare that you’re good and worthy, just as you are. Take this opportunity to see what happens if you stop being mean to yourself.

It’s felt as though the universe has been testing you lately. Whether it’s heartbreak, professional disappointment, or a deeper personal grief, life’s been hard on you. You’re tired of being challenged, of carrying the whole world on your shoulders. You’re even tired of growth. Growth you haven’t sought out yourself, at least. You want and deserve a little ease. This week, finally, you’ll notice that you’re emerging on the other side of the darkness. Obstacles remain in your path of course, but the future is less bleak. You can feel the sunlight on your face again. You’ve made it through.

Left to your own devices, you tend to move with more zeal than wisdom, to make choices enthusiastically, if not prudently. While it’s a fun way to live, lately you’ve been trying to check yourself, acknowledging that passion and self-assurance aren’t everything, that you need strategy and discipline, too. Even so, don’t suppress your innate joyful energy this week merely because you think you “should” be more serious. Self-confidence doesn’t count for everything, but it’s powerful. It gives you courage. It makes your wildest dreams appear within reach. Make the most of yours.

You find it frustrating when you see other people seemingly moving through life without a care in the world, as though they’re free to do absolutely anything they want. It’s so different from the way you live — constantly aware of all the rules, written and unwritten, that govern your life. You understand that breaking them isn’t easy, and that it has consequences. This week is a good time to rebel anyway. While the rules exist for a reason, they’re not immutable. You can be that unbothered too, you just need to remind yourself that you’re powerful enough to be.

When you have emotions to process or experiences to make sense of, you prefer to do so privately. Letting other people see you as a work in progress leaves you uncomfortably vulnerable. You’d rather wait until you have a finished product to show them. But this week, some mess is going to be unavoidable, and you won’t be able to keep it entirely to yourself. You can’t hide from your friends that you’re still figuring life out, that you don’t have all the answers yet. They don’t either. No one does. So try not to worry too much. Your loved ones know that you’re human. You’re doing fine.

You’re often praised for your artistic, intuitive qualities, for the side of you that’s highly attuned to other people and their feelings. And you certainly deserve recognition for that, but it gets frustrating sometimes because it’s not all you are. You’re also wild and silly and fun, but you worry that other people only want to see the sweet and loving side of you. You’re afraid they can’t handle the whole you. This week, remember that it isn’t your job to manage other people’s expectations of you. Be yourself, and trust that they’ll figure it out … or not. Either way, you know who you are.

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