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Greenwood Park welcomes fitness boost with outdoor gym | Northglen News

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GREENWOOD Park residents will be pleased to know that a public outdoor gym is being installed on Havelock Road, next to the grounds. The gym was officially opened yesterday (April 26).

Ward 34 councillor Bobby Maharajh said the funds for the project came from the critical infrastructure project (block sum) budget.

“There are many positives when it comes to the use of outdoor gyms, and I am certain the Greenwood Park community will benefit from this. Not only does it promote social cohesion, it also encourages a healthy lifestyle and keeps the youth busy and away from possibly engaging in social ills,” said Maharajh.

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“I was working on having a gym installed in the area for many years but stumbled upon a few challenges which is why it has taken this long,” he said.

This is the second gym for the ward – the first was installed in Avoca. Coming from a sporting background, the ward councillor said it has been proven that sport unifies people, and he has no doubt that this gym will see the same results.

Maharajh added that the gym may also service residents from Effingham, Briardene and Redhill and that this was only phase one of the project. The next phase incorporates a play centre for the younger children so that families can train together while still keeping their children in their line of vision.

“There are parents who will want to use the facility but may not have anyone to watch their children. They may bring their children to the park, but there isn’t anything to keep the children occupied which is why I thought of a play centre being installed,” said Maharajh.

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“So far, the installation of the gym is going well, and things are looking good. Once this phase is complete, paving around the gym will be done. Thereafter, plans for the play centre will commence,” he said.

He encouraged residents to contact him via email, at, should they have any ideas concerning the next phase of the project.


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