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Fitness fun raises funds for Amanzimtoti SPCA | South Coast Sun

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THE Amanzimtoti SPCA’s first Furry Fitness Bootcamp, held on May 1, was charged with energy and positivity as participants engaged in various fitness activities to raise much-needed funds.

The programme of events featured workouts led by various instructors, each bringing their expertise to the cause. There were Hortons and Pilates with Minette Landman and Nathalie Pearson of Rhythmic Art Academy, Zumba with Mel Rossler of Shapes for Women, and Kick and Box with Sheri-Ann Nagiah, also from Shapes.

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The day included spot prizes and food and drinks, which kept spirits high and motivation strong. Attendees were also inspired to become more actively involved with the SPCA, with some expressing interest in volunteering.

Nathalie Pearson gets her Kick and Box on.

Apart from being amazed by the invigorating vibe in the studio, the SPCA’s Michelle Hannan said they were overwhelmed by the generous response of local and national businesses when asked for donations for prizes and goodies for their goodie bags.

“A total of 66 tickets were sold for the event. There was so much energy and positivity. There was also an amazing turnout, and much-needed funds were raised,” she said.

Instructor Sheri-Ann Nagiah (Shapes for Women) teaches the class Kick and Box.

The instructors all said it was a wonderful day for fitness fundis and furries alike – taking a group workout to the next level and raising funds while having fun.

Hannan thanked the participants, instructors, volunteers, sponsors, vendors and all those who helped make the day a success. “I could not have done it without them and my partner in crime, Stacey Wall. There are also too many individuals and sponsors to thank, but we are so grateful to the community for stepping up when we needed them most,” she said.

Lara Hartshorne and Michelle Hannan (Amanzimtoti SPCA) at the Furry Fitness Bootcamp.

The success of the boot camp sets a promising precedent for future fundraising events, with plans already underway for the next boot camp in May 2025.

For more information, contact the Amanzimtoti SPCA on 031 904 2424.


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