Sunday, December 3, 2023

Doni Nahmias Named Creative Strategist for Arizona Coyotes

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Doni Nahmias is expanding his brand’s reach with a new appointment.

The menswear designer, who helms his namesake label Nahmias, has been appointed the creative strategist for the Arizona Coyotes, working with the NHL team for its 2023-24 season. Nahmias is the second designer to take on this role with the hockey team, assuming it after Rhude designer Rhuigi Villaseñor held the position for last year’s season.

“I just found a special opportunity to bring something fresh to the Coyotes team and give them a new fashion landscape tied in with their branding,” Nahmias said about his role. “Arizona, they have a very strong, core brand identity, so it’s pretty fun and exciting for me to come in and pave a new fresh landscape and environment with what they already have. There’s just a lot of opportunity there.” 

Nahmias is kicking off the appointment with his first merchandise collection for the brand, which is being released Monday and is available for purchase during the team’s game against the Los Angeles Kings. The collection offers an array of jerseys, hoodies and accessories that blend Nahmias’ design codes with the team’s sports style. 

Styles from Doni Nahmias’ collection for the Arizona Coyotes.

Courtesy of the Arizona Coyotes

“I just took what was authentic to them and authentic to me and kind of found a happy medium for the two,” he said. “It was being able to use their branding and iconic logos they’ve created and then merging it with the DNA I’ve been using with my brand.” 

Nahmias will also be tasked with helping the team with its brand messaging and social media presence. 

For Nahmias, sports have always been an important part of his background as a designer. He explained he grew up playing sports and is regularly inspired by sportswear for his own collections. 

“Doni Nahmias is one of today’s top visionaries when it comes to cutting-edge designs,” said Arizona Coyotes chief brand officer, Alex Meruelo Jr. “His styles align perfectly with many of our players who take pride in their fashion. We see a parallel in Doni as an emerging designer and the Coyotes as an ascending NHL team. We want to align the Coyotes organization with the best in class in everything we do, and we believe we have that level of partner in Doni.”

Styles from Doni Nahmias' collection for the Arizona Coyotes

Styles from Doni Nahmias’ collection for the Arizona Coyotes.

Courtesy of the Arizona Coyotes

Nahmias launched his label in 2018 and has quickly grown the brand to be a favorite of musicians and athletes like Kodak Black, J. Cole, Jayson Tatum and others. The designer has shown his collections during Paris Men’s Fashion Week the past two years. 

After the first merchandise collection, Nahmias is creating another collection in partnership with a hockey brand, which is slated for release next month. 

“I really wanted to find a way to keep the Coyotes DNA in place, but bring something that feels authentic to myself at the same time,” Nahmias said. “The Coyotes align with my style and everything I’ve been doing in this space for myself and my brand, and it was finding a way to merge their DNA and mine to create something unique and special for them to have.”

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