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Developers and welders top Randstad USA’s most in-demand jobs for 2024

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December 05, 2023

Topping Randstad USA’s list of 15 most sought-after jobs for 2024 is .NET developer, followed by welder and call center representative.

The job of a .NET developer involves using the .NET Microsoft framework to design and maintain software and applications, according to Indeed.

Randstad USA’s full list of top 15 most in-demand jobs for 2024 includes:

  1. .NET developer:  $83,144 to $141,758 annual salary based on role
  2. Welder: $16 to $26 per hour based on role
  3. Call center representative: $27,679 to $43,495 annual salary based on role
  4. Customer service representative: $28,217 to $48,790 annual salary based on role
  5. Forklift operator: $16 to $23 per hour based on role
  6. Financial analyst: $62,738 to $130,8444 annual salary based on role
  7. DevOps developer/engineer: $110,686 to $168,101 annual salary based on role
  8. Data scientist: $73,745 to $137,309 annual salary based on role
  9. Maintenance mechanic: $16 to $27 per hour based on role
  10. Medical biller/coder: $28,890 to $49,314 annual salary based on role
  11. Office assistant: $28,692 to $49,949 annual salary based on role
  12. Full-stack developer: $71,425 to $131,090 annual salary based on role
  13. Registered nurse: $76,182 to $115,186 annual salary based on role
  14. Underwriter: $57,000 to $104,798 annual salary based on role
  15. Warehouse worker: $14 to $19 per hour based on role

“Randstad’s in-demand jobs list was created to provide job seekers a competitive advantage during their search,” Greg Dyer, Randstad North America’s chief commercial officer, said in a press statement. “By harnessing the wide range of data available to us, talent will be able to navigate today’s dynamic job market with the utmost confidence.”

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