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Delhi traffic advisory: Major disruptions on key routes today from 4 to 8 PM

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The Delhi Traffic Police has issued an important advisory for commuters, warning of substantial traffic disruptions on several major routes due to special traffic arrangements today. Road closures and regulated vehicular movements are expected between 4 pm and 8 pm, urging travellers to plan their journeys with care and anticipate delays.

According to the advisory posted on the Delhi Traffic Police’s official X handle, the following roads will experience significant traffic interruptions:

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– Mehrauli – Badarpur Road (from Khanpur to Karni Singh Shooting Range)- Entire Alaknanda Road/Indermohan Bhardwaj Marg

– Outer Ring Road (from Savitri Flyover to Chirag Delhi)

– Ravidas Marg (from Hamdard to Tara T-Point)

– Internal Roads around DDA Park Sangam Vihar

These disruptions are part of a coordinated effort to manage traffic flow effectively and ensure safety during the specified period. The Delhi Traffic Police have urged commuters to avoid these routes if possible and to utilise public transport, particularly the Metro rail services, to minimise congestion on the roads.

“Commuters are requested to cooperate by avoiding/bypassing the above-mentioned roads, if possible, and by making maximum use of public transport, especially Metro services,” the advisory stated. The general public is also advised to allow for extra travel time when navigating the affected areas and to stay informed of real-time traffic updates via the Delhi Traffic Police’s social media channels.

Delhi traffic advisory: Major disruptions on key routes today from 4 to 8 PM

In addition to the road closures, authorities have advised residents and visitors to keep sufficient time in hand for their travel plans and to remain patient as these measures are implemented.

The traffic arrangements are expected to affect a wide range of commuters, including daily office goers, school transport, and local residents.

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Local businesses, schools, and transport services are also advised to take note of the traffic advisory to adjust their schedules accordingly. The aim is to reduce the impact of the disruptions and facilitate a smoother transition during the peak hours of road closures.

For continuous updates, commuters are encouraged to monitor the Delhi Traffic Police’s official X handle and other communication platforms. By adhering to the advisory and opting for public transport, the public can help alleviate traffic pressure and contribute to the efficient management of the city’s traffic during this period.

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