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Bikes to drones: AI-infused everything on show at Bengaluru Tech Summit

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A geodesic dome type of structure which has been considered a popular candidate as the framework needed for future space dwellers was also set up at the Bengaluru Tech Summit

Bangalore Palace is a 19th-century royal palace located in Bengaluru. The expansive Palace Grounds around it have been known for hosting major music bands like The Rolling Stones and Metallica and provide the venue for large wedding ceremonies. But this week (November 29-December 1), thousands of people including senior business executives, investors, and civil servants thronged the place to participate and witness the cutting-edge technology products on display as part of the Bengaluru Tech Summit conducted there.

Amphibious drones for maritime inspection, devices that extract pure oxygen from water for patients in need, and self-balancing electric bikes were some of the top innovations on display. Other unique innovations included an anti-hair fall helmet with additional safety for neck and spinal

First Published: Dec 03 2023 | 7:24 PM IST

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